Met my old friend Bambie for lunch at White Wolf Cafe downtown, (and she is not old, just have known her a while.)  We spent over 2 hours talking and taking up space on the shaded porch on a beautiful, cool day catching up.   I enjoy our once a year lunch get together and look forward to our “coffee talks”, even though we are both tea drinkers, (and do talk to each other on the phone and email and communicate through that horribly addicting, Facebook.)
It’s great to have people around you concerned and supportive, Bambie has been one of those ‘dear’ friends over the years,  haha – oh come on, you know you laughed!
The food was fresh, the waitress could not have been kinder, conversation never boring! Thumbs up to a great location around the antique district off Princeton Ave on Orange Ave.

Afterwards I went to enjoy the Rock and Roll Heaven,   a record store and atmosphere like no other!  They have been in existence since 1977, the current owners since 1986 – they are a one of a kind music time machine that we are so lucky to have in Orlando and I swear, Jim Morrison faked his death and co-owns it!  Have a look:  They have it all, music from the past, music from the present, hard to get music, music by locals, music by anyone who ever made music, music of every genre. And, at one time, Michael Jackson was one of their customers.
They have pins,   and a little of everything else!   Toys, stuffed animals, posters, collector items galore!   T-shirts and a signature bathroom,  literally!  Look —  Jim Morrison again,
Albums to the MAX!  watch?v=hV0yATP4RZs Look at the clothes, totally look ‘corporate’ – haha  Many famous guitar players started in yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, not in this one though, or is that Page back there?   watch?v=HU5zqidlxMQ&feature=related
Cher!   watch?v=DIFV1v0dnPI I loved watching the old Sonny and Cher show.  I loved watching her clothes – Bob Mackie was a genius!  (well, not in this clip, they look like they just were sprung from jail or a cave?  Ah, hail to the days of being long and lean.
watch?v=w1H_4yKpZqc Lou Reed!   DYLAN!!!  Always wrote best lyrics ever! watch?v=hk3mAX5xdxo
How about a few that I have no picture for –  (but they do have the albums and CD’s in stock.)  Procal Harem,  watch?v=Mb3iPP-tHdA&feature=related
Mott the Hoople  watch?v=mfwVfEXJhQQ I didn’t look for Terry Knight and the Pack, but they do have Iggy Stooge.
Todd Rungren  watch?v=0I-s_FBU74c&feature=related DOORS!!!   Another deep lyric writer.  watch?v=f5B28w51ygQ
This is for my friend, Beda, a Abba fan,   watch?v=OuJl1T-trLw&feature=related (Abba was way too Bubble gum pop for me)
watch?v=PU-PoUwECjI&feature=related best sexy rock music besides Whitesnake!  There are probably a million items in this store,  (and I think Jim Morrison is here too.  Here’s a few more views:  anyone remember the Banana Splits?   So many artists I am not mentioning, my generation in the 60’s was big into Motown, they have plenty. I had a huge love for Folk Music, Odetta,   watch?v=xscVJAYL0wo Phil Ochs, Pete Seegar, Joan Baez,  (the voice of an angel)   watch?v=rTtVTNTfg80 — funny to think in her autobiography, she was turned down by the high school choir for not being good enough.
You want anything related to music and memorabilia, ya gotta come and take a look,   want something special, CALL 407-896-1952!   Abbe looking in the rearview mirror at the history of music and mostly 60/70’s nostalgia.  Whatever your preference, Jazz, folk, rock, spiritual, blues, bluegrass, orchestra, instrumental,     Check it out here or online
Then going deeper into a time warp, I stepped over to Deja Vu, Vintage clothes and enjoyed the feel of clothing worn in the past, Shopkeeper Red Robin 407-898 3609 can be called if you need something specific or  need something to rent.  Here’s a look:
This is not Red Robin,   Need retro jewelry, hats, coats, jeans, beltbuckles, ties, women and mens vintage apparel? This is a fun place to slowly look through, antiques too!  

This framed photo was not Red Robin either, and I suppose this ‘bonneted babe’ was a “looker” in her day???  
So you got a bit of a vision, go have a meal at the White Wolf and shop the many shops along the antique district,  they have a lot going on down there, I could have loafed around all day, but  4 hours downtown was enough, this bird had to fly home.
A day lived in Retrograde, living things in the past and a sad note to end this,  was told an old classmate of ours from high school had terminated her life last week which was very sad because in school she was the sweetest, most cheerful person. When you saw her,  she always had a smile  and blue eyes  shining with life. To hear it was a shock — what happened? And from my own experiences of losing my mother and sister to suicide, there are usually a combination of disturbing factors. The only way to think of it is that these tortured souls are now at peace even though the lives around them are extremely shattered.  We all have a breaking point, some more fragile than others.  I have total empathy for anyone wishing to end their life who lives in the density of pain either literally or physically, we should be mature about it as a society.  I always go back to the scene in Soylent Green,  Edward G. Robinson is in the Death Chamber, they refer to it as “Going Home”. People wishing  to end it all go to such a chamber, drink something soothingly toxic and are humanely “put to sleep” while lying in comfort looking up at a panoramic screen with eyes engorged by scenes of tranquil nature played before them, the ears comforted by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky –   watch?v=edQNjJZFdLU&feature=related We do not let our pets suffer, why must we? I am asking you to reach out to those close to you, or even not so close, talk, see if someone needs support, advice, “reach out and touch, somebodies hand, make this world a better place if you can…”
Good night to our friend now passed, we will all remember that smile and you will be missed.

Now get out the old music, get out that old yearbook, let the snow fall, the rain pound and reminisce – have a blast from the past,
dance, sing, tell corny jokes and don’t be afraid to love, live in peace and always look ahead with hope…    watch?v=Cwe34WzSuqk&feature=related