Went to the Fairgrounds today to see my Cousin Sue’s booth. She goes by the business moniker, Grannie Suzannie Designs. Sue has a very popular quilting and accessory business and I have not seen her in a few years, so this was going to be fun, plus she told me she had some mats and frames for me.
Sue is a woman I greatly admire as she does not waste a second when it comes to squeezing the life out of living.  She has ridden motorcycles for years since she was a teen and she is just a bit older than I am now, but thinks nothing of getting on her bike and heading out for California or  Colorado by herself to visit her daughter and grandchildren,  then coming back to Florida via Maine all the way down the coast just because she can. She also belly dances and enjoys a happy marriage to her wonderful husband, Bill. All that and running a successful business that involves many weekend craft shows – I don’t know how she does it all, but her zest for life is evident in the enthusiastic aura surrounding her.
I think the name of the quilt show was called, “Quilt Fever” –   The first thing I encountered was an old trolley car converted to a quilt bus, all loaded and self-sustained as a traveling shop.  
Inside the big room there were aisles and aisles of quilts of all types and design.  

They had a woman who made hats for chemo patients:  There was one made for an 80 year old woman’s birthday and there were hands written upon by family members and sewn into the larger quilt.
This one of a daughter getting married and her history from a newborn pictured in.   This was a quilt made to cover a baby isolette in the infant neo-natal unit of intensive care. All these quilts a labor of love, all a work of art with the intensity of feelings and emotion woven by hand and sewn with love by each thread carefully plotted onto their canvas of fabric.
There were sewing machines, old,   red ones,   and large machines full of computerized technology, this one on sale for $11,000   It’s fun to look at the names of the booths too, like Material Girl, Rainbows End,  Under The Needle.   Catchy.  And no lack of women in all realms of quilt experiences packing the individual shops.  Even a few men, some enthusiastic, some being dragged through Hell. I listened to one who was waiting for his wife inside a booth, I was shooting photos and he was next to me, told me he had just retired and his wife always went to the quilt shows and said he needed to go with her now that he had the time. So now that he had been there, he said he would never do it again. You could tell he was frustrated.  But he was in the minority.
Found Cousin Sue,  her booth was packed —  there were ‘newbies’ to the quilting world, women telling her they were glad to meet her and others who knew her as repeat customers and students, (she does teaching), and wanted to give her a hug.  The economy might be bad, but not in the world of crafts.  As I looked around Sue’s booth, I noticed what a huge inventory, including racks that held the many packaged items, books, and accessories.  The wooden crates were from an old fruit company that went out of business.  
Sue has great taste in material,   Love this pattern,   Lots of kits  
and scads of scraps,     Sue will be doing a 6 day quilting cruise and you buy her very affordable kit and while you are at sea sailing to the Bahamas, you will learn how to quilt and pay about $100 a day for everything included!
That’s upcoming NEXT January.  Sue also had two of her cousins on her mother’s side come to visit, one lives in Mt. Dora and the other is from Toronto. I enjoyed meeting them.  And Sue gave me a load of mats of different sizes and lots of frames too. She’s wonderfully generous and boy can she make a cheesecake!
Back out to the aisles  and wandered around a while,, here’s what I saw,  

There were demonstrations of all types of work, I saw a lady who looked dangerous.  

There was a pattern for potatoes,   this pattern comes with a natural fabric that you sew together to make a bag that microwaves a baked potato and there is also one for making corn in the microwave too.
Headed back home after that and enjoyed a cool hotrod.
Came home with a large bounty of things that I will be able to use for framing! And also feeling cold, that wind in the 50’s today blew hard and like ice — will be in low 30’s overnight. I knew it would be cold because of you know who! Yep, Ringo was in by 5:30am which means it will be really cold.   I really wish he were the type of cat that I could use a pattern and quilt him a bed,  but you know how that works, you quilt the fancy cat bed and where do they sleep, on the floor or table or anywhere else but the bed.
So good morning and thank you Sue for the goodies, and for always being an inspiration!  I’m sure you are home with less than half the inventory to put away! And thanks to the artists of this medium for bring such beautiful art to the public.