Yesterday walked out in early am    and the male was up in herons nest this am — They looked happy and the female wasn’t wailing. Hope that means eggs will be coming soon.   As I was coming back from lake, I noticed the moon in the front of the house, it was just as big and full as two nights ago and got my keys and drove to get a closer look since the trees were blocking it from my view.   So crazy me, loaded with two cameras, I drove to the golf course, too early for getting whacked in the head.   It was an amazing sight.

Went home to look at pics and had another amazing sight.   A cardinal was checking me out. The cranes came and went.   (look closely for cranes flying across.)
The day was absolutely stunning, around 77 degrees, now that’s what I like in a winter!  I spent it editing photos for next exhibit.
I knew Randall Smith was having a reception at STC, Seminole State College. I gave up my fishing date and took off for school.
the campus was quiet and quietly growing and growing.   lots of new building.
It’s an easy campus to manipulate.
The Gallery had it’s usual reception foods, but did notice addition of some hot foods. I dive for the sweets.
Inside you are met with the colorful photographs of Randall Smiths work called,  ‘Illusion of Fact’. I noticed he had many objects on pedestals located around the room. My thought was that maybe some might have been childhood possessions.
I liked his arrangement. I talked to him a bit, has a studio at McCrae in Winter Park, sells and is collected privately all over the country. And he liked to fish. I told him that’s what I would be doing at that moment had I not been there.  And it was worth seeing, the colors, details of the objects and symbolism were all quite interesting. There were several that stood out to me in their dark imagery. So take a peek and then go over within the next few weeks.  

The flow was consistent, the coloration equally weighted. I felt as if one floated around the exhibit on weightless waters deep and dark steeping in some sort of mixed up mythology.  Again, he knows how to place for impact.  One piece titled, Test Pilot was a funny piece to him, but for some reason I saw something more sinister, but that’s whats cool about the public interpretation of the artists meaning.   It’s a nice soothing atmosphere over at the gallery and Megan Stepe, the gallery curator knows how to ‘hang em’ – she has a great eye for knowing her gallery’s full potential. She also is an artist and plays in a band, quite busy. So go over and take a look at the Randall Smith exhibit. Take a long look around and around because you will notice more and more as you pass the ferryman again and again.
Then back home, too late to fish, more editing of photos for my show next month at University Club, here’s one I’ll use,   The title of the show is Nature’s Muse, mythology is big on artist themes, though I didn’t name the exhibit, but it fits for the two of us artists, a painter, Robin Maria Pedrero and myself dual exhibiting.
The moon came out around 7:30, and the clouds pretty much molested it, I got chunks before it would be full once above the troposphere:      Eventually the moon disappeared behind the cloud wall. Then I worked long into the

Stygian night.