The moon seemed like it was rising just across the lake behind the houses as I fished tonight. The craters and mares were all almost within grasp and it was a warm tone, inviting and taunting and so very big!  One day these kids will be able to take a space tour and fly right by the satellite on a tour, that would be something I would love to do, a bucket list item perhaps if I had a bucket list. But I don’t have one as it would be too disappointing to not accomplish the goals set out to achieve on it. And it would not necessarily be the places that I want to see except for the Aurora Borealis, northern lights,  as I would want to have a best selling book of poetry, (poet laureate would also be a nice achievement) – having successful art/photography business with my own gallery would be on the fictitious list , though would need to get a grant or win the lottery have the gallery.
Finishing my novel would be nice, visiting  Key West a top priority would be really high. Also having dinner with Keith Olberman or Katrina Vanden Huevel. Hey,  I’m sixty, I’m trying to get a few of these worked on before my time comes, one is better than none.
Okay, as per Abbe, I am getting sidetracked here. The fishing sucked tonight, though did catch a small bass,  maybe a couple pounds. He’s back swimming around with a slight pierced lip — oooo, that so gets to me, the guilt of enjoying fishing, but hating that I have to use a hook to do it.
The night progressed beautifully in color — have a look:  The plain sky before night makes it’s changes. Or as Ringo looks at it, the time before he becomes undercover cat with shadowy adventures.   The cranes fly in before it gets dark.   It turned peachy, then changed into blues and pinks,  The light fades, and the fabulous moon appeared- had to bug my neighbor Kim to come out and look, you just can’t witness something like this by yourself when it’s this beautiful.  I hope you got to witness it – make the full moonrise on your bucket list, you can accomplish that!
And here I go again in reverse, (the way my brain processes life.)  The herons were having their mating wars this morning. Two males were trying to excite the ladies in their nests. It sounded like 10,000 BC.  Got a quick sound check — 

My heron Mama was calling to them this morning  she watched as the neighbor’s heron was getting all the attention and rattled in her nest for attention too.   The males kept chasing each other off.   The heron was getting very close to an osprey high up on a dead tree with his fresh catch.  The osprey flew off for a fast chase.

But neither male came to my  heron’s nest.   
The female sure looks lonely up there.
And now it is almost 11pm, another day less for anyone who has a bucket list and did not accomplish anything today.  I actually had lunch with a new friend who had decided to make a visit to each state in the nation on his list and is accomplishing it nicely, I really admire that someone makes their dreams come true, that they can be so casual about their accomplishments. There was no bragging, only an appreciation for seeing every state in America. Last year he did several states including Alaska – Alaska, I still have not seen Key West, a one hour flight!  My friend told me about the nature photos he had taken and the proximity to whales, so close you could feel the moisture from when they blew water from their blow holes. And explaining details about land animals and birds that are so different from Florida — his pictures said it all!  But for me, its fighting against the anxiety to get to Tampa, let alone boarding that one hour flight to the Keys! That’s why they should have a drugged class on planes where people who need medication to knock them out for flying, need to be seated, or bedded! Isn’t that a great idea, they don’t have to worry about hijackings with a bunch of ‘Soma-somniacs’!
And that’s where I’ll leave it, the thoughts of Abbe-angst — someone who can’t accomplish getting everything on a grocery list let alone a bucket list!

Ringo says goodnight and is busy writing his latest cat poetry for publication in a few months – he rolls with the philosophy, “go where the day takes you, and if it takes you nowhere, catnap!”