Oh what a pain, I have lost the first half of my blog and thought I could get up from the computer, here I go rewriting what was lost.
Wednesday did my “Lazy Persons Guide to Bird Photography speech at the Longwood Community building. my friend and owner of Image Essentials, Linda, (Lindy) Spenser   http://www.ImageEssentials.Infl thought I could talk about bird photography and said I must give a speech, to where I jokingly said sure , “the lazy persons guide to bird photography” and she said yep, lets so it and I agreed, don’t ask me why, it was probably that we were chatting at about 3:35am in November on Facebook and she penciled me in for her speakers list. I think it is a good way Lindy gets speakers by asking when they are brain dead at almost 4am to commit. haha  I didn’t think about it till last week looking at my calendar and went, ‘holyhellswheels’, I really did this! They even had put a sign out front of the building announcing me. So I wrote out ten pages, gathered art and products: 
Through encouragement by image consultant Spenser, I boldly went and set up, gave my disk to the technician, met Chris Capizzi, who is Recreation Director for Longwood and watched as the mechanics set into motion. I looked around from the podium wondering, what did I get myself into now?  People actually want to hear me? Will they walk out – will they like it? What the heck, it’s one of those life experiences. as I watched about 35-40 people walk in and take seats after walking around my art and art products like my new book on the Sanford Marina.

I really felt pretty confident and my son surprised me and showed up too which was the best!. The technical people who could not have been nicer, could not get the photos to show on the screen, and I was asked to go ahead and start.  Oh NO, No photos – so I took off my glasses, being nearsighted helps because everyone became  formless blobs in the crowd and I could not make out happy or frustrated faces.  So most of the speech I was “winging” it as I had coordinated the photos with the talk. But I kept going on anyway and looking over at the still void screen,  forgetting some of the details hoping they people didn’t notice my flubbs. Finally, at the very end, a  lap top was brought in and my photos were shown, but the large screens colors were still muted and all my photos looked washed out. I was kind of bummed by that, I mean what is a photography lecture without good clear photos? But the people were all so very nice and supportive and I appreciate that and Lindy’s help in setting it up, one must start somewhere I guess. I thought I would be really nervous, but once the glasses came off, I knew, that was the trick.
I could not have had a better crowd. A woman with her adorable son came and he was a young artist who loved drawing cats and he was good too. They gave me a love small flower and some shark teeth too. I have them on my desk. And how crazy, I was wearing my camera and forgot to take photos except 2.  This was before the venue.  I had a photographer from the Orlando Camera Club invite us to their meetings and a gentleman who showed me the pictures he took on the lake near his house with otters, eagles, and nature perfect for taking photos, how lucky he is! And like me, he says he never goes into the back yard without a camera.
I did realize I didn’t speak of frames per second, using the ‘sports-‘action mode on the camera, etsy, winkelf, 100omarkets never mentioned. Free websites like wix.com, ecrater.com, so here’s a bit more info… save it for next speech.
That being over, now I have to get the University Club photos made. That will come before I know it. next month –  I must call Robin Pedrero and ask her what we titled it, I have so forgotten! Oy, the brain is sucking up too much info and forgetting the details!
Today was Alive After 5 and the chili cookoff. There was a $100 prize for first place chili – but I did not stick around for the winner. I went over to help Rae Marie,  http://508gallery.com/ and Alfredo Mujica who have been moving to her new location for a few weeks now and can officially join in the Alive After 5 vibe as they are next to the Riverhouse Pottery and Wine Bar. Rae Marie donates so much time and service and dedication to Alive After 5, she is a selfless soul who is so good at being there for this event each month.
She was busy with signing artists in and I helped Alfredo around the shop, it has come a long way:  This was around the 5th,  and this was today, pretty much settled in to the new
location.  Alfredo has been working hard too and made vegetarian chili! It smelled great, but I don’t like those beans, unfortunately I was surrounded by 26 pots of different chilis and I don’t eat it. Alfredo and I hung pictures, well…I just handed them to him, he hung, but what a difference it makes having the place filled with both their artwork.   and finally,
So remember, Rae has been framing for 15 years and is an artist, she knows your needs and will be glad to assist you with matting and ideas. Go see her, on Palmetto Ave. next to Riverhouse Pottery.
I checked out the sky as I walked the frozen streets. (okay that means that it was in the low fifties), and the sky was animated with clouds.  the sunset looked beautiful from the small amount I could see. I stopped by Art Affair Gallery to see the 12 X 12 exhibit, there was very diversified art on the walls, here’s a look.  Barbie Nowick – mixed media,    Svoboda Holt, acrylic.  The photography of the dragonfly, frog and her other two pieces just stood out for me, really enjoyed the styling, but could not remember her name. will add later. And of course there is always the work by the regulars which never grows old. 
Ronda Richley Gallery owner, Leon Konieczney, the chili cook and all around cook and food critic, and Toelle Hovan, artist whose bright work sits behind her. I must say, my gray/sepia colored crow looked rather bleak up there among the colorful crowd.   Will have to find out who won for favorite. Thanks to my friend Denise for probably casting the single vote for me.

That Art Affair looked  new with all the fresh artists and artist work brought in. Peter Cerreta had two new pieces, loved the roosters.      Speaking of which, I saw Herbie Hancock  sleeping in a tree, but could not get his face.  Here’s more of the Art Affair Gallery,  Bonnie Sprung, an old friend from when I belonged to Womens Caucus for Art of Central Florida group is always coming up with new ideas and her small local pictures on canvas, a mixed media were great. Then I ran into her out on the street.  She had scarves, tshirts, all hand painted.
I traveled up the street, stopped by Jeanine’s Gallery on First and looked around, but I came when most the artists were gone except Cheri Dacko who had a nice group in her space. I also needed to thank Mary Shaw for always being supportive and putting my speech with a nice article and photos in the Sanford Herald – she is wonderful at PR!
Saw Steven Monser, Lake Mary Glass blower who had a computer set up so you could actually watch him work the blown glass. It was fascinating and his pieces as I have mentioned before are well thought out and the light just brings out the beauty.  (monserglassstudio.com)  There is a beautiful rhythm to his lines and strokes distributed within the glass.
Ran into a young glass and metal worker, new to the streets  Lindsay Macklem, she has an etsy shop http://www.fusedelegance.com, some of her pieces,   octopus bracelet, butterfly wings for necklaces. She had a lot more colorful pieces but it was getting dark and I don’t think I can make them as bright as they were.
Also ran into fellow photographer Jeff Drake who had very reasonably priced pieces – I think he must have been visiting in Thailand – right Jeff!
Don’t forget Jeff does personal and wedding/event photography.  http://www.jeffdrakephotography.com 407-314-2375.
Joanne Borges was there along with her ceramics while her husband does woodworking. 407-695-2671
Joanne’s details don’t show up on these pictures, but her work is full of the lines of nature. She and the others are usually on the streets of Alive After 5, so come next month and see the vendors, they work hard and it shows, again as always support the arts.
The X-mas paper on Two Blondes and a Shrimp has been replaced   where the elderly lady ran up on the sidewalk and into the building.
The chili and beer and wine were flowing, everyone complaining about the cold.

the band was country rock and did a great job for keeping people moving to the beat. That was taken early.
All in all, it was just good being among friends and art.  Here’s some views as I left:

I think I need to get with Jeff and G.K. Sharman and a few of the locals and propose a local photographers show, maybe up at the marina Lake Monroe, Old Palms Motel – that would be fun! Swirl that around my fellow picture takers! Gotta go, the morning is already running off the clock and I am still in pjs, (with boots) – I guess it’s becoming a good look for me…