Decided early to visit the “Wild Market” that is now happening the second Saturday of the months from October through April from 9am till 2pm.  I went early around 9:15am and encountered a train that seemed like it took 20 minutes to pass! I bet it was a mile long!  I was glad to see The Central Florida zoo has a new event and hope it grows! They need a produce stand and to get the word out to some of the local artists who fall within their guide lines for their vendors. Our little zoo tries hard to do get the word out. This could be a huge venue if more people knew about it. I just found out about it last month. The zoo lends a wonderful ambiance to such market. Here’s a look:   They even had music and environmentally friendly products.
I saw one booth with adorable tutu’s called tutu cute ( and thought how cute it would be on my grandbaby.  Then made my way and got the senior discount to go into the zoo, (but hated that they didn’t question my age – haha). Decided to get close to cheetahs figuring they would be out on such a beautiful, cool morning. First saw the tortoises enjoying breakfast  his head was right in with the greens.  The cheetahs, all 3 were out and about staying mostly near the back where they seemed to be interested in something, I bet it was breakfast. 
Wish I could have gotten a face closeup. Made my way around and here’s a few of the sights.  love the new water features in the Butterfly garden.

Porcupine was so sleepy.  
Leopards paced and paced. I do wish they had much larger area.   could not get rid of the fence across the face, must youtube tutorial on using my lasso!    

Look, they cage the help too  with the animals – haha
can you tell which reptile it is? Alligator!  The Snakes were active too

That cows tongue had a life of it’s own!  And of course, in past blogs, one of the reasons I love the zoo are the french fries, so of course I had to order some and share with the birds.   They have changed their fries to the curly ones, but still enjoyed them and so did the zoo birds that hang around the concession stand. 

Love watching the birds boss each other for seniority.
Went to the bird demonstration, saw the burrowing owls, hawks and magpie – wonderful watching hawk fly around us!
But it’s not just the animals that make our zoo, it’s the landscape, the natural scenery that makes it work.  Here’s a few:  go and be a part of the zoo, support it!    Then I made my way home and was met with the Amtrak train this time – 

Made my way to Deland to the Florida Museum for Women,   They were having a gallery talk with the artists who exhibited this past month. The woman speaking is artist/educator , Carolann Mancuso

Local artist around Central Florida, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch
does thought provoking sculptures using wood, lots of tree branches and things she finds in nature. This is one of her medium sized ones, I have seen much taller one also and they make you stop and appreciate how she collects the wood for her art.

It was well attended.  Loved this piece by Stuart Riordan   you have to see in person to appreciate all the intricate messages hidden behind paint.  her daughter shared her vision.
And of course, my friend Pam Z. Daum was there with her sweetest husband Chuck. Her photograph of infrared scenery at Blue Springs is gorgeous.   Reborn in Florida –

We are all proud of all the artists and the Museum for putting together a first class exhibit. Pam also has a line of jewelry in the gift shop.. 

We then went to dinner and talked about a joint submission for Seminole State College and she found a business where we can exhibit.
That’s Pam, she’s always looking for venues to exhibit and we really want a joint one.
And finally got back home and sorted through all these photos. I am running out of space with this wordpress blog. It might be that it is time to get a website with blog capabilities. Will let you know… Now let me work on my bird speech, have to learn it –
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