I have been in Tampa for 5 days visiting the family – of course, here are gratuitous ‘Gam-cam’ baby photos, one day she will be able to say no!
She’s getting into the vocal, excited, ever-smiling stages and don’t even think about taking away her bottle till she gets the last drop!
Next topic, herons. Before I was leaving, I could see 3 or 4 herons trying to scout out their yearly nest locations.  The morning of the 28th, the ground had that “protective” ice look, it was very pretty to look at, but very unpleasant to feel. The nights had been in mid 20’s and low 30’s almost all week! Finally we broke the 50’s during the day and even got into the 70’s last Friday. But the birdbaths were frozen over, so was my windshield!

The birds  and squirrels were quite appreciative of the fresh water and bird food.  The herons were looking for their perfect ‘tree-crotch’ – a place to make their 2011 nests. Luckily for me, my pine was included.  That inverted “Y” is the “X” marks the spot.  That’s the home for her and he made sure to please his mate.
I watched their first attempt at putting twigs into place, it was quite frustrating as it seemed every other stick ended up in the water.
     I left for Tampa that day and for the absent days, they built and built.  When I came home, I saw this:
This morning at daylight I walked out and found both male and female in the nest, and he would take off, come back with branches and she would put them into place. It was such a simple act executed on cue, nature programs well for the proliferation of the animal species, the birds have just enough knowledge to take care of their own and not take arguments with other species out of context. They don’t have to threaten and build nuclear arsenals, going to war because the pigeons are bossy to the jays, or the mockingbirds hate the crows. We are given the pleasure of their sight and song, sure is simple. And speaking of simple, I am giving a speech, “The Lazy Persons Guide to Bird Photography” on January 12, at 10am at the Longwood Community Building, 122 W. Warren Ave in Longwood, join me so I don’t have to talk to myself!

All morning long now, herons have been flying back and forth with branches, I am enjoying the view. I have watched the male back and forth all day now. Fishing sucked, nothing biting, day was all blended into one color and time it seemed. Went to go pick up art from the Welcome Center and the marina was even boring. So here’s the view of the day. I am in a depression since I have no Photoshop on my computer, I bought the Elements 9 and am waiting by the door for it to come! I went to track it and it is Orlando, oh they are so mean to me at UPS holding onto that precise package. Do I need to storm over there and demand my Adobe fix??? Whoa is me till then. Here’s raw pictures of today, enjoy, I can’t until I have a package in my hands, I cannot smile till then…
See the nest way up there? The pines are quite tall around here. This is how the nest looks from beneath when zoomed in.  The female heron looking down at me as I look up at her.

Lots of flying back and forth as males serviced the nests bringing their contributions.  The doves preferred to have a bath. the ibis all started a march to the car when they saw me park.  Ringo and his natural, curious self.  Sanford under clouds today.    Work taken out of Historic Sanford Welcome Center today. First Street quiet,  must look at Rae Marie’s new space, she will be moving over and down soon, will help her with a few things tomorrow.  Framing 508 Gallery will soon have a new address.
It’s almost a day gone, get out and enjoy the world and hug yourself – keep love in your heart…