The moon over the lake last night, (I wrote this yesterday)  was going to change, it was the first winter lunar eclipse since 1638, it’s the result of the sun, moon and earth all aligned in sync and the most important part, the moon was full. The last time it was seen, the USA had Colonists. They looked up and what did they think?
Were they worried? What did the African slaves think if they stared down a blood red moon while being ferried away from their homeland into an unknown dynamic? An Omen? The sign of what was to come? We know from history that so many myths have been associated with an eclipse, even Columbus used it as a “power point” to schedule meeting with natives  according to
This is the moon of sages and crazies, a sight to savor and I did.  By 1:30am, the shadows were beginning to crown,   I ran in and out about every ten minutes till a little after 3:00am. This is what I saw. Remember, I was not using a tripod and that moon was getting higher and higher. I did the best I could, have a look:  The copper colored world looked so Jules Vern rich and mysterious — our satellite had color, it could have been a life-sustaining planet. All the mares and dark craters looked like they could be continents. It really was exciting to see such a metamorphosis .    The moon looked like the rust from iron had settled and stained its crust. Then the light came back and stripped the moon pale.  It seemed the sun was mocking it,  giving it a bit of color to create a warm looking mirror of earth, only to render it back to it’s cold desolate self. I fell under the spell of sleep around 3:35am and Ringo my cat decided to wake me at 7:45am,  and since it is X-mas time, I thought I should get shopping. There was also a function at Rikka, the Asian restaurant over near Colonial Plaza on 46a.
Bob Moylan, Associate Publisher of The West Seminole Sun was having one of his many meet and greets and suggested bringing an unwrapped children’s gift to benefit Arnold Palmer Hospital.
I spent time framing a nature picture and later decided to take it to the Art Affair to turn it in as they are having an exhibit for artists with a deadline, but when I got up there, I had forgotten they were closed today. So for lack of wasting a photo op,  I took some photos, the rooster of course is always something I enjoy
,    very quiet streets. Decided I had to have quiche,
went over to Hollenbach’s, It’s a very popular restaurant around here, especially known for their German food.
Lots of local art. Beautiful looking desserts.   And they have  bands playing polka at night. The place is packed on weekends.
Picked up a couple of gifts for the meet and greet, Adam contributed too and went home to work on photos and still didn’t shop for what I need.
At 7pm, went over to Rikka Asian Bistro,  near Applebees. Bob took the gifts and gave me a couple chips for black jack, but, I have no idea how to play poker, so I put them in my purse and took out my camera and looked about noticing people playing black jack as Santa was the dealer.  There were about a dozen people when I was there, a couple of companies networking, one new 501 (c)  org was — a local affiliate for National Purple Hearts Veterans Foundation for supporting returning veterans. Bob is good at getting people together, his paper, West Seminole Sun, has articles of  interest about the county and elsewhere.  The publishing company is called New Cities Publishing. Publisher, George Fencl told me they make banners and can take care of a myriad of publishing and marketing needs, phone # 407-790-4983.  What I noticed most of all was when the hor doerves were put out, in 2 seconds they were gone!  Food must have been great, lost out twice on the chance to sample. It was my intention  to drop off and take a few pics and then leave. I did enjoy talking briefly with George who grew up in Cleveland to my Akron and was going to the same rock concerts as I was back in the day.
There was also a magazine on the table called We Care which has articles based on info on health issues, environment, and shows the local benefits for charities along with a lot of ads related to health industry. website =   It is part of New Cities Publishing.
I left and drove on down to TJ MaXX to get serious about gifts, I walked around in a quandary because I really can’t read people’s minds. I walked up and down the populated aisles, but very few things looked appealing and if they did, I second guessed myself. It was frustrating, the holiday music was pumping, people were moving in packs all around me, kids  crying for gifts, the check out line was filled, and I decided, screw it, gift cards and money are easier gifts, but do they really say ‘I cared enough’ to pick out a gift for you? At that point, I decided, it was the kindest thing I could do or risk buying things that were totally useless and then have people wondering what the heck I was thinking when I picked that gift out — tsk tsk, they will have to suffer with paper and plastic, I ended up with baby gifts. Decided since Fuji is next door, I would get a Miso soup and sweet potato roll to go. The young girl who took my order and the young man who chatted with me about the lunar eclipse were both so friendly and made my short wait well worth while. I hope the young man will tell his high-school physics teacher how he enjoyed the class a few years back. These kids don’t realize till they are old like me that it’s great to be appreciated. Tell a teacher, a relative, anyone who has given you some inspiration or direction, thank you – you will make their day!  The young man was telling me how he appreciated space and science because of this teacher. That rocks!
And here it is , going on 2am, another groundhog day again, hours lost to time and space,  art to create, not enough time even with sleeping 4 hours a night. I need a switch on my head to turn off the creativity and distraction,  here’s I am, blogging and Facebook, two things I could do without spending time on, two things I have fun with, and enjoy promoting the things going on around this little perimeter.  I looked at the full moon tonight,    looked at the lake,   and appreciated seeing that very beautiful contrast of light upon dark, the shimmer over the water,  enjoyed the melody of listening to the rustling of raccoons and possums passing by,  (did NOT enjoy the cold.) Now go howl with the full moon when you get the chance, and appreciate life more, we only have so many days allotted to us, make the best of them!