Have you ever prepared a dinner for yourself and then looked at the box to realize the date expired over a year ago? That was me tonight with some mac and cheese, I got it all cooked and finished and was ready to throw away the package when the date stared me in the face with a vengence. October 28, 2009 – that was the date of expiration, so here I was with a rancid dinner, rats! I had really felt like the creamy comfort food!  I thought about going out to Boston Market,  but relied on the shelf dependable, peanut butter and jelly. I added the steamed broccoli I had made to put into the mac and cheese – my taste buds were not really happy until I added that Symphony candy Bar for dessert, now all my parts are comforted in a sugar high fog.
I have been dog and cat sitting today as My daughter got engaged and she and her fiance are out and about,  the happy couple went to see relatives and all the lights at Disney’s X-mas display.  I am so excited for them, my new son, Lee is an amazing man and we are all lucky, not just Andrea!
So here’s a few faces that wait for me to come take them for a walk,  the sweet Lowretta and then Merle,   Then on over to check the cats,  

– on my way home from walking the dogs,  City Hall in Lake Mary was all lit up. They do a beautiful job of making up for no snow by creating a winter wonderland by wrapping their trees. Have a look:  

The only ones there tonight besides me were a few families with very young children who were delighted as they walked around, it’ music to the ears to hear childrens laughter as they talked about Santa coming next week..

Across from City Hall are some local shops, all closed by 6pm except for Pierre’s Wine Cellar, so walked toward the light source, passed the fountain with it’s colored lights,  I noticed that Delanos was not open, that’s surprised me as I thought they stayed open for the dinner crowd. Pierre’s Wine Celler is a warm and welcoming store,   http://www.pierreswinecellar.com/ –They have a nice presentations of many wines and related gifts. Plus art by the wonderfully French,  Aurore Brunet. http://www.aurorebrunet.com
Aurore is a wonderful blend of Audrey Hepburn the beautiful dramatic actress and talented painter. As I have said before, you can read her emotions by her paintings.  Her art blends well with the wine shop.

Nice to see a business going strong. If you live in the area, go see them, especially at this time of year when it’s nice to give someone a very carefully selected bottle of fine wine.
Then back I went home to the story of  rancid mac and cheese and feeling another cold front testing my meddle. The day was gloomy,  last night there was a beautifully mysterious fog that took over the lake as I was fishing – it looked like a Stephen King Mist.   it rose and covered the
other side of the lake.   Even Frankie looked to be in a kitty fog,   and the night was looking no better.  So I colored the night a bit… Had a small night time visitor to finish off the rest of Ringo’s cat food,   Don’t worry, Ringo is inside sleeping-
Once again, a day gone by too fast, but much to look forward to with two kids getting married, I need a Lotto winning ticket! Go crazy on these last few days of shopping before X-mas, I guess I must get started tomorrow – UGH, the thought of looking at so many mall stores for gifts  is as unappetizing as that rancid mac and cheese –