Hello, X-mas will be next week and still have things to buy, I keep putting off spending money – it goes fast enough as it is!
Today we are supposed to have rain thank goodness, we need it, the water level is down over 4 1/2 feet now and the small meter is peaking through.  The seawall is totally dry,
The herons were flying around the lake this am then back up to my neighbors tree where the nest is from years and years ago. They should be nesting in the next month.  Yesterday I was out before going to the Artwalk and one flew right over my head.   The moon was out too.   All day I had so many cardinals, I tried to scrub out the bird bath which is now rusty orange from all the rust in the water. Thank goodness for water systems that incorporate chemicals to change the water to clear and drinkable.  The morning is still dark, only a small window into the 7am sunrise,  the day so far has not improved much, have a look,   8am  Mama and Papa crane are here without the kids – they are only inches from my face!  The heron flew up in the pine at the same time, like I said, I think they are assessing where the best nest location should be.
Last night was the artwalk in Sanford, the streets were about empty:  not too busy.  Wandered into The Gallery on First,  http://galleryonfirst.com/  Jeanine the owner was there with her precious dog. The place looked quite festive. Liked Leon’s new hair cut too – and hello to artist Tom Abbott.  Saw Cherie Dacko http://galleryonfirst.com/artists/dacko.html   busy painting in her front window front room and saw Sharon Hyder  http://galleryonfirst.com/artists/shyder.html and daughter Lori Ann Harris  http://galleryonfirst.com/artists/lharris.html  who are both quite busy! they have work at the Altamonte Springs Hospital, Stones Throw Bistro, and working on 5 murals at the Sanford Airport! Here’s the link, http://www.muralproject.ws
Here’s latest work in their room at the Gallery on First.  a sea turtle in the works   They are busy busy girls. I walked over to Stones Throw Bistro and took a few pics over there, it was still early so not packed yet. I heard from Leon,  (guy with hair cut on right,) The Lake Mary Food Critic, http://lakemaryfoodcritic.blogspot.com/    that the food there is incredible! Read his review.
The bear  picture has been lightened dramatically because I did not adjust my camera for the dark setting inside S.T. – you must go eat and look at the art, there was another picture painted by Sharon, but again, caught them both in bad light – patronize patronize!  Here’s more of last night.  Must confess, have not tried the icecream there yet.
The Treehouse Antiques has lots of holiday style.  Then over to Art Affair and the first people I ran into were Adam and Heather –  Heather is a very talented photographer and graphic arts student. We will hear her name out there soon!
The gallery was full of artists, featured artist Trish Vevera was festive in her skirt and jewelry and in her art

Oh, look it’s Leon again with Michael White.  Tom Abbotts work is cool and bright!   Scott Kuszik has work made of copper and etches it with acid which turns out to have wonderful and dramatic tones and looks   And there is so much more!
Leslie Giles,   Julie Kessler is a master of metal.
Lots of affordable trinkets for sale.   Peter A. Cerreta.   Claudia Thomas,  

Kathryn Bowden and of course, there are many many more works of art by many artists. http://www.artaffairgallery.com/   find them there.  Even the cookies looked like art.
This morning I went to marina to take photos of the sky and scenery, rains could be seen drifting in from the south west.   ride over the Sydney Chase bridge. 

and a few of the big Eagle overlooking the Marina

and then the rain came in and chased all away!  and that’s it for the day, so enjoy yours, got things to do!!! Go to Sanford and shop!