Fog Fog Fog and it looked too good not to run up and take photos at the marina. So at 9am, I took flight.  Savoring the mystical mist and Steven King atmosphere.  I drove down the main drag and noticed a church group feeding the homeless and one of the church men was singing religious songs to the crowd as they ate near ft. Mellon Park. It’s good that these groups help the homeless. Today on Facebook, another artist had a youtube clip about a man in India,  Narayanan Krishnan  who decided to quit his job and help feed the poor and care for them, I was speechless at the end, this man was so full of love and commitment to his duty, so full of respect and compassion for the individual despite the dire circumstances, it is just amazing, have a look.
watch?v=ZiC_9RHTvsA This is the true spirit of giving…

The mono tone of the sky and water added to the drama. Colored masts and clothing gave the morning color. It was only 53 degrees and they said while it would get sunny later, it would not warm up much more.

so desolate looking and very misty, but watched as the Riverboat Romance made her way out of dock.   Out to explore the St. Johns, the river that flows north. I saw that a couple artists had gathered to paint ‘plein air’ overlooking the boats and found out they were people I knew from  the Art Affair Gallery. They have these  ‘get together and paint sessions’ every weekend – They didn’t let the weather, the cold and mist bother them in the least. 
Thought that I had not heard anything from Kathy Aldrich at the Lake Monroe Old South Motel so thought I’d drop by, but she was out. I was handed a flier advertising they were having a free jazz music, to bring your own chair. I was excited knowing that Kathy has been trying for venues to bring people in. I also was excited to see my photos framed and hanging at the front desk!
ha ha, I left it so you have to go see them yourself -!  Anyway I went home and showered, then went out in the yard to add some color to the day.

Looked at my passionflower with love and sadness knowing Sunday night it could be 28degrees –
everything tropical will be frozen, all my grapefruit and lemons, all the bird of paradise,  they will all die! WAAA! You can only cover so much, but most of it does grow back.   even the weeds will be decimated, fine with me.  I even tried fishing as the heron came and perched on the pine, both male and female were quite active this morning, they might be ready to mate and build their nest.  See these gloves, my Nana will be rolling in her grave to see her opera gloves holding my bait – so don’t tell her – I promise never to touch a fish with them!
And for all the men up at the marina fishing, and there were a lot, I caught nothing but photos of the heron;
—   After ‘working photos and charging my camera battery, I drove up to marina at 3pm. What a difference a few hours make and having the sun burn off the fog.   here’s some of those lovable duck butts:
Stopped by Efes as I was longing for Spinach pie since Athenian Garden has closed.   On a past blog I noted the interior is just beautifully rich looking:  After I ordered, I walked out the back door to the water view and saw two women feeding the gulls, a woman and husband with their grown daughter.  The older woman was thoroughly enjoying herself, she loved looking at the beauty of the flying birds. Her smile and sincere joy were catching.. She was so very happy as the gulls rose to compete and then flew off only to return. It was a tender, childlike innocent quality, I enjoyed taking the pictures as much as this woman loved the vision of them. If the woman reads this, please send me an email.  

I went back in to find my dinner waiting and to see that the Riverboat was heading out ferrying the afternoon customers. 

Made my way next door to the Motel to listen to ‘Evolushon’ and their jazz.  The band did a nice job, very smooth, would have liked to have seen more people appreciate it and turn out.  Kathy would like me to organize an art venue. So if you read this and would like to participate in a venture, you would have to have your own tent and or table,  please email me at – I would like to see what interest is generated. It would probably be in late Feb or mid March, and would be outside, but would see how the inside could be incorporated too. I have to see how many tents and tables could be used. I would also like to have plein air painters to also be painting during the venue. Many details to work out before fulfilling.
Then about 5:20pm, I got so tired, I needed a nap and drove off home to find one.  The sun was setting behind the Gateway Condos  and my internal clock was in total unwind. I was craving a few Zzzzz’s.
So here I am, finishing another blog and hope that my nap won’t be meaning that I don’t go to sleep till 4am! Time will tell, won’t it!