The winter is socking it to us here in Florida! The nights are below freezing, the days making it into the low 60’s – what’s the deal? On Sunday another front is going through will be almost 29 degrees on Monday morning – BOOOO!
I have forgotten to cover my plants so should see things die off soon here. My fence with all the red passionflower, back to being just a naked fence soon.  that’s the frozen water in the bird bath.
the fence on Tuesday loaded with passionflower.  Thrasher has to wait for the sun to melt the ice so it can bathe.   Ringo hardly goes out at night, he stays in his magic circle.
Hardly moves even when the other two cats come into the room, he owns that circle!

Yesterday I almost missed the space launch – ran outside and got the tail end as it rose above the troposphere.   The sky and clouds yesterday were just amazing!   The lake is really evaporating and no rain in sight!  And the moon has been MIA for several nights!  I sent Ringo up a tree to look for it,   , no luck,  
Gorgeous pink/blue/purple sunsets, but too cold to fish…for me anyway – Ringo is not happy about that!
Last night was Alive After 5 and the Art Affair Gallery introduced it’s new addition, have a look:    Kathryn Bowden has the window view, (and a looker)   Robert Ross     Michael White Antoinette Slick

Ann Holstein’s and Gary Sisko’s   oils are classic, I remember being so impressed with Ann’s paintings hung at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center – both are truly masterful with their brush strokes and still life.

Unique work by Scott Kuszik. Goodies by Ronda  And this month, Trish Vevera was making a dark winter’s night very bright. She has been on several magazine covers lately in Volusia County – her work is energetic and bright.  And of course, the other Gallery artists are stunners – here’s the website, now get up there, support the arts, buy for the holiday, so much talent in our state!  Here’s some further views: 

Mauricio and his funny gummy’s! And this thing in a cage???  It looked so sad!
So promise me you will make a trip to Sanford to visit the Galleries!   Marie DeCosta, loved your vibrant new piece!  Love the others too, Tom Abbott, Tracy Burke and Ralph Verano,  Peter Cerreta, Beau Wild, and many many more ! 
Street scenes and locals:   Crochet and accessories by,

My friend Amy Wieck has been making these delicate cats – she is one terrific sculptor too, check her out —  Sandra Sheetz-Wise was there as usual as was regular GK Sharman, nature photographer who had a book signing tonight for her first publication called, “Sanford Sunday Morning”, it can be bought on Amazon. It’s all nature photos related to Sanford. I too have plans for a Sanford book after the first of the year.
Myrna Cumming had her warm paintings, it’s always good to see her, 

Amanda Staetter, email – had cool day of the dead type images, painted on old windows. Enjoyed looking at them.

I have so many more pics, but must move on. get to Sanford, experience the art, Jeanine Taylor’s Gallery, Gallery on First, will ‘WOW’ you too! Get out and experience! Take a walk up and down and patronize the merchants, the restaurants; Two Blondes and a Shrimp is loaded with many works of art from Art Affair gallery and the food is wonderful. 407-688-4745

And don’t forget The bar is full of awesome art.
Here’s the street scene: The crescent moon –
Ran into Rae Marie who is moving her 508 Framing Gallery to Palmetto Ave, right next to Riverhouse Pottery – she is so excited and I am too because she will be closer now and can participate in the Alive After 5’s that she has helped to create. It will mean she can open her Gallery during the event. Don’t forget she has all your framing needs – can’t wait to see how she changes it up.
Finally Adam and I were quite hungry and as we did not want to eat in the cold, we drove down to Fuji on Lake Mary Blvd,
passing Todd’s Tomatoes on 13th street  and the Barn on the otherside of 17/92. Saw X-mas lights, but will post those at another time – had to get to Fuji!

Had a great dinner – great ambiance for Sushi –

Enough already,  I have been gone all day, glad to be home and relaxing – now go get out and help support an artist!