WOW, it’s Decmeber already!!!  It’s over a week since Thanksgiving and I hope you all had a great one! Ours was warm and wonderful and the first for my new granddaughter, Iyla sky, get ready for gratuitous pics.
We were so glad to have a full table of relatives and new faces to celebrate with. Usually I never cook for Turkey day anymore, I go to my nephew, Billy who along with his sweet wife, Stacy, put on a huge spread each year. But this year my brother said he was coming down from Key West with his family so figured on 7 of us eating here. Then my daughter’s boyfriends parents added 2, then my son’s girlfriend’s dad and step mom and 2 cousins of Leila’s, so all of a sudden, I was really cooking. I now appreciate what it takes to make a Thanksgiving ready for a crowd and how much work people put into a holiday or party and concede that after this enlightenment, I will be back at Billy’s next year where they love cooking and I can bring some goodies and do dishes later –  but we did enjoy our evening so much and having Iyla and her folks here for 5 days, it’s so much fun watching the baby grow,  look, matching hair!   and so much love,   ‘Gam’ baby sat while the kids went to the Turkey Run Car show,   Iyla knows the drill, we have to take plenty of pictures.   And P/S, after my brother got this ball rolling, he never showed up because my sister in law got called in to work. I’ll rail on him this week when he comes to visit! 

Red Sun Yoga – ( ) at 5965 Red Bug Lake Rd, corner of Red Bug and Tuskawilla above the Subway, is where my latest exhibit is. I kept it tranquil just like the setting. Lisa Moore the owner was generous in featuring my work until mid or end of January.  The studio is a calm place where people are always smiling. I was over there a week ago to take pictures and look at the space and a yoga class was just letting out, everyone looked carefree and happy with their session. They offer massage, have gifts and even teach you to be a Yoga teacher.  Here’s view:

a few of my pics: 

After getting the photos put up, I headed downtown to the Hospital to introduce myself to my new niece, She was born earlier in the morning. She was so beautiful,   and I am so happy for Billy and Stacy – CONGRATS!!! (and they still had a full house for Thanksgiving even with her due date being at the same time!)  The traffic getting from Aloma and Tuskawilla to Orange Ave. and Miller street at rushhour took almost an hour! How do people make that stressful drive everyday just sitting bumper to bumper? At least the heart of downtown was not to bad. Took some “drive bys”
Winnie Palmer is an architectual beauty.  There is water falls on both sides as you enter.   Sorry, that doesn’t give you the best look, but it is soothing, they would love this water feature at Red Sun Yoga!

Then the drive home, again, very slow through downtown.  And finally home and back on track — or off the track, because that’s how I live and it works for me… now back to nature…  AND A BIG PS — FOX sighting last night! It came on the porch looking for cat food and scurried out, he’s back!!! Hope to get a photo soon!