This is about how my hair has looked for most of my adult life. I admit it, I am a cutter, NO, not like one of those people who cut their own flesh, I cut my hair when I think there’s a reason, maybe I saw a commercial with a hair style I liked, maybe it’s gotten too long, maybe I am just bored with my bangs – about every couple months, I take a scissors to at least my bangs, bangs that I have had since childhood.    Here I am at 17, here’s Abbe at 60,    The last time I had it professionally cut and styled was when they had ‘beauty shops’ 30+ years ago.  Sometimes my hair was longer, but mostly it’s always hanging loose, no shape,  (except once in the 70’s when I permed it   – I bet you’re laughing out loud right about now and rightly so!
I kind of let the weather dictate the flow – on a scale of one to ten, I feel about a minus-10 for having to style or do anything with my hair other than wash it, dye it when my gray ‘skunk stripe’ shows up and brush it in the morning then forget it. Most of the time it’s half up or ponytailed.   I really have gotten tired of it after looking at recent photos of myself. Maybe I have subconsciously felt the need for a new look since being on Facebook and seeing so many faces of former schoolmates and others who really take the time to keep themselves looking good. What can I say, I’m a ‘schlep’ – love wearing my pj’s all morning, don’t give a worry about hair, but for some reason, today was the day for a change! So the first thing I did was wonder, where do I go to make this hair change? Who do I trust? But what the heck, I ignored all the logic and went to the first place at the mall that had an opening.  And sometimes you have to overlook the hair of the person doing the cutting because that lady had a hair-do that might have otherwise had me running out the door!  I took my chances, she did a good job, left my length like I asked and left me with long layers.  I overlooked the overcurled bangs because this was my canvas and what I had to work with when I got home.
The first thing was going right for the scissors as I chopped away at what she had ‘started’. Before I knew it, my bathroom sink and wastebasket both looked like a wig had been tossed into it. 
Suddenly, I looked in the mirror and looked more like a mature, older, Firestone High School alumni, rocker Chrissie Hynde,   yes, she went to my high school in Akron Ohio. It felt liberating, I had hacked away years of weight! The new hair felt so light! I really liked it and even my ‘peeps’ on facebook expressed surprise, here’s the results of my hacking:  okay, maybe a cross between Chrissie Hynde and Michael Jackson???  But I like it, hey, it’s only hair, but then again, it’s about attitude too -you look better, you feel empowered..  
Okay, obsessed with hair most of afternoon, next thing was waiting for Pam Daum, my very close friend to go to her group reception for the first annual Florida juried exhibition at the  Florida Museum for Women Artists. Pam was one of the 40 artists who made it into this exhibit — 1200 entries were considered! As I have mentioned before, Pam has her specialty, black and white, infrared and emulsion lifts.
It was an honor to go with her as this would be an memorable exhibit for both the museum, the artists and the public.
The day was gorgeous, 70’s, great breeze, a full moon looming over head floating along to DeLand.
Here’s Pam waiting to cross. There were many ‘Jesus freaks’ on the crosswalk trying for ‘corner conversions’, but they seemed to add color to the festivities.
Inside the beautiful space was a perfect blend of art, each work of art utilized well for an exhibit that will be talked about and compared to.
Here’s a preview, and by no means does it include all the art. This weekend there is a festival going on, take a drive up and enjoy, it’s not far at all, about 20 miles from Sanford.
“exhale” Caroline Jasper, strong with vibrant shadows.

Can always recognize the work of Cgeryl Bogdanowitsch – always a show stopper.  “The Poet” Olan Quattro and “Landscape With Rabbits” by Nancy Seib.      I wanted to eat this sculpture of the “untitled” wedding cake, the details were so revealing. I spoke with the artist, she had moved here from New York. Amy Miller  said she has been around sweets her whole life. I also asked about weight of the piece and moving it around, it looked quite labor intensive.    ‘Watermellon Beach’ by Carolann Mancuso was right at eye level as if you were a mouse just anticipating a delicious bite – very rich in color.  Vivian Spencer’s piece, ‘Hip Dress’,  this backlit photograph with objects on canvas was part of an installation, ‘ Vestidos de Mi Madre’ she showed me a postcard with a wall of these backlit dresses and objects.  It was one of Pam’s favorites. Vivian also gave me a postcard showing that the artist Christo and Jean Claude would be exhibiting at Pensacola State College with a slide lecture by Christo on Feb. 12, 2011 – contact the college’s Dept. of Visual Arts for more info.
Pam’s  “Reborn in Florida’ is a must see for the way she photographs and reverses the details. It was taken at Blue Springs when the manatees were in search for warm water.   you must get up close for this, as my details make it a bit blurry –  it’s stunning work.
And look, it’s Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, I run into her all over the place, she’s always wearing something fun too, her shirt was very cool, though you can’t see it there.  I’ll just add that Elizabeth can light up a room with both her art and her personality!
This piece called ‘Looking for Laika’ so intrigued me. Stuart Riordan’s mixed media was ‘deep’, I really poured over all the symbolism in his piece, spent time coming back and back again to gain more knowledge from it –  I can’t even show the depth to this, I can tell Stuart is in tune with the universe.
One of my other favorites was by Carolina Cleere, “Fish Out Of Water’ it struck me!  I did not speak to her, but wish I could learn her method of digital photography and do something on that level with my little IylaSky. This was something that both made you smile, and yet, think of the future and the environment. 
Remember, I only take pictures from afar and to appreciate what talent there is in Florida, one must go and look at the 40 pieces adorning the walls. There is much more work that I did not even show. The interactive video artwork by Janis Brother’s titled, “Dust to Dust drew you right into it.
The food was wonderfully delish! The cookies, the mini croissant sandwiches, yum yum, whoever catered, props up to them! There was soothing music too,   and a final thanks to the Jurors: Leslie Hammond, John W. Streetman 111, and Trish Thompson,  thanks to the Museum for bringing this cohesive show and these artists together for showing off Florida’s great assets. And the gift shop was so well stocked, my friend Robin Pedrero had many many colorful items in there.

More pics of the night, but did not take artist names on these, the framing on that child was perfect as was how the artits used the lighting with orange and the sculpture speaks for itself…  And Abbe hits the street to go home…

and a tribute to Pam in Black and white –thanks to sweet sweet Pam for letting me tag along! Now go to Deland this weekend and see whats going on at both Florida Museum For Women Artists and on the streets – it’s a wonderful town! And when I wake up tomorrow, wonder, will I still like my hair???