Been in Riverview with the grandbaby for 5 days – I get to dress her and take photos of her every waking hour, one day she will be fed up, but for now, we have fun, well, I have fun!
The drive home was not bad, as I was leaving a thick fog rolled in and the visibility became quite limited. 
In places along the interstate, it looked like the heavens were falling open and we would be swallowed up at some point.
then the blue would peek through and give a slight look of promise.  Downtown had a mix of clouds, but it was mostly sunny. 
though my exit in Heathrow looked darker. 

I felt horrible later missing lunch with Leslie after telling her to meet me and she showed up and I didn’t, I emailed her Wednesday, but in my mind I meant Thursday, WHOOPS!  She is giving me another chance though. That’s just how it is when I am away, the time vaporizes and vanishes. I have no responsibility for those days, they mesh together and there are no bills on my desk, calls to be made, art deadlines, it’s all fun with the kids.  I saw very little wildlife except a monkey in the mirror,  and some cranes and cows,  not much else.
When I came home, I ran out to run some errands and stopped at Kohls with my 30% off coupon and bought some baby sleepers and tried on a few pair of pants. Had to laugh when I went into the fitting room and there was a size 2 womens slacks hanging on the hook that had a tag on it mentioning that these were slimming and hid the stomach – now really — size 2 needs to hide the stomach? How can someone be chunky at that size? Size 2 is made of the remnants of large size ladies leftover material of the pants I wear. They looked like a child could only fit into them – certainly not me!
Came home and went fishing, then I thought, OMG, I forgot about Pam’s reception at the Florida Museum For Women Artist, the first juried exhibit of Florida artists up the road in Deland! I was going to go with her, but it began at 5pm and I was already late, I put down my baited rod and ran up to look at my emails, thank goodness ‘time was on my side’ on this one, it’s Friday at 5pm — whew, glad not to have another friend mad at me! And nothing was on my rod, I watched the sky and two herons — no fish biting at all.
At least the heron was glad to see me, he crapped on the roof of my house, I took that as good luck.
Then the electric flashed off and a big boom and it flashed on, but the other houses around me were off??? Found out a transformer blew and the lines went down in the grass sparking and setting grass fires. The neighbors all called 911 and then went out to go watch, it’s one way to see people you haven’t seen in a while. They all reminisced about the hurricane days with no power. FPL was extremely quick as were the police and fire – no news teams showed up.   Someone said cranes had flown into a pole around the corner and then this one also blew. Well it was awful dark and can’t see cranes flying during the dark, they settle in their nest/sleeping places before the dark sets in, wonder if a bird really did fly into it?

Thank you so much government workers for doing a great job!  And that’s it for me, have got to crash, been a very long day and OMG, just looked at the time and saw another day has eclipsed the last, oh, I feel like the Mad Hatter, so much to do – so much to do…