Frankie and Ringo,   were waiting for me when I got home from Alive After 5 and they did not look happy. First of all Frankie was mad that Adam had left her out on the porch and Ringo was just hungry – so had to deal with cat chatter before settling down to look at my photos.
Thurday I went to the Gateway Center For The Arts Photography Group meeting and the challenge for the month was work  in black and white, so I came home working on de-saturating photos to see the details in black and white. Some results:  It’s really a lot of fun looking for pictures with details that stand alone to be compelling, de-colorized photos.  The challenges within the group are good so as to test expanding ones’ limits and believe me, I am still very limited, and sitting here eating candy, I have also expanded.
The monthly Alive After 5 was about Seafood Harvest. I got there early to find a place to park, this venue really fills up, once I got a $25 ticket for improper parking, so I make sure, I am actually in a proper spot. The streets were already filling out and the artists were set up on the side lines. Little Fish Big Pond had art lined up outside.  Stopped first at Art Affair to see Tracy Burke and Ralph Verano as husband and wife artists, they were featured in the ‘sweet spot’ (Ronda, I have renamed your room.)  Tracy had sent out invites via Facebook where we are ‘friends’ though we have never met. So went to see her work at Art Affair, here’s a look:  Both have strong strokes and great application of color and subject. I have seen their work before at Gallery on First and loved the paintings they had up over there. Now they have work at the Amway Center and other places, they are growing as artists and Tracy was just as nice as could be, a great smile and so easy to speak with and here’s a funny story, her Mom walked in and I knew her from years ago – Twilight Zone moment!  What a fine family! Hats off to the kids and their talent and to the parents that nurture and encourage their artist children.
Around the gallery new work always pops up on the walls, Toelle Hovan was there, these art Toelle’s students,   if you would like to learn how to paint or to improve your strokes, she can show you how, just get in touch with the Art Affair Gallery – 407-466-6365. Don’t forget to enter their 12 X 12  art exhibit, it’s also on the site – might even enter myself…
Peter Cerreta has new work with an oriental flare and a book!  There’s lots of profound art, Marie DeCosta   Tom Abbott had a wonderful weekend at the Heathrow Art Festival, he sold a lot of work, doesn’t surprise me!  Here’s a look at what awaits at Art Affair Gallery :  and Mauricio Murillo gave me a big hug and told me about his upcoming art show he is curating,   Please cut and paste as my wordpress link has suddenly stopped working. His exhibit is November 12 at Gallery Twelve21 near downtown Orlando. copy and paste     Love his gummy art,   Now I told him he needs a book of these.
Out on the street the artists had a wide display of work, there was Sandra Scheetz-Wise,  doing her thing with surreal art. She was painting a very symbolic piece about her feelings of power held by countries and leaders and the state of the world,    she’s still working on it.  Saw very cool looking art made like fly fishing flies.   by ‘Avalon’,  Katheryn Napier,   Also, ceramicist, potter,  Joan Borges at 407-695-2671  – we started exhibiting our work at these venues at the same time, we set up next to each other as novices, she has really added so many beautiful ceramic pieces!  

Jeff Drake photography, the Riverboat Romance Photographer on past blog was set up as was GK Sharman who had a nice Sanford Herald article  Here she is holding her book.  Go girl!  her website, There was painting on wood  by,    Fabric artby Suzanne’s Attic, email     Also Jewelry all homemade or find her on Etsy at   beautiful Rose paintings by Nene Everling, 407-322-9415  and cups too,   She also does photography.
Onto the Gallery On First where I spoke to Mary Shaw and Jeanine Taylor, the gallery looks beautiful and festive, they will be having a Saturday reception called,  “Seasons Celebration” November 13th from 6-9pm. Sharon Hyder was busy working on her big piece of a Tryptic,    Love that her husband makes her frames.   Jeanine’s Gallery on the outside always a classy place.  Cherie Dacko was packing 20 paintings to take off for “bent Realism, a show in Miami – love her dimensional art and of course. the unique look she puts on her faces. And then we have the street views:

Frankie did not like that picture.  

Then on home,  passing the electric grid, and onto 46A   passing 417, and under the sliver of the moon, inside to find that I had a craving for olive oil and bread as Ronda had a wonderful bottle of it on the table to sample with soft, fragrant bread, yum! But I didn’t have the herbs, and had a piece of Logan’s Restaurant roll from the other day, (did you ever go to a restaurant and feel like they could care less that you are there? That’s how it was at Logan’s, but the rolls were good despite the lousy service.)
And that’s it for me in my new pink tinted glasses, life is good, very good – enjoy!