Decided to fill my new eyeglass prescription at Visionworks, they were having a $37 per each or two pair for $57 glasses sale, what a deal.
Adam took me to lunch and on the way home we had a fox squirrel sighting at the Mayfair Golf Course, so had to park and shoot.  Poor Adam is used to my antics when I see something that needs shooting.  he’s patient.  Had to watch for the golfers too as it is a beautiful 76 degrees and there were plenty of them out there, I sure didn’t want to get whacked! 

This time there were 3 of them, the golden colored squirrel ran up a tree and totally would not cooperate, the other two let me get fairly close. There are just so cute.  The waterbirds were busy too, many cormorants, woodstorks, a couple herons and even my crane family was busy making rounds as golf balls whiz by them. 

The woodstorks have such a distinctive look.  My cranes were there also, had taken lots of them yesterday, here’s a few:

look, puppet shows on the crane stage.   had some ibis too,  oh, here I go again side-tracking my purpose.

I parked at the Seminole Towne Mall at Dillards and walked in to find the X-mas trees in full bloom  The women who put these together were there and I was told the trees come with certain decorations and then they put them together. One of the designers of one of the trees also does tree designing for the White House.  The mall was festive, but empty, not many strollers at all which is fine with me.  look it’s a trim Santa waiting for  kids to warm his lap, (sounds creepy doesn’t it.) There were no children around.   I saw a beautiful jade carving at the new Tea store,  C Tea C cool tea pot. 

Found my way to Visionworks,   then the task begins, trying on frame after frame after frame. It really becomes a vanity endeavor. I always plan on at least an hour of going from one wall to another. Glasses on, glasses off, tossing hair, looking at facial features. Was the mirror telling me a story, did those glasses flatter my face at this moment, but when I took them home, would I be wondering, what the Hell was I thinking? Did I look okay or like some old lady with no taste? Oh bonfire of the vanities, burn up this need for ego to have it’s way with me. If only I was not so picky and I do have weird taste. But the best part is Cheryl who has been there for years and even years before that, she helped guide me when she was at another store or maybe it was two.  I know she has my back on glasses because funny enough, we have about the same taste and one year, when I picked out a frame, she said she had the same frame made into sunglasses.  She is patient and helpful and always cheerful, if I make a bad choice, I know because she suggests another pair which is a nice way to say, “those glasses look like crap on you,” without actually saying it. If she’s there, ask for her, she won’t steer you wrong! She knows what she’s doing and she knows how to work with the customers. The lab was backed up and they could not make them in an hour, I had to wait till tomorrow, but that’s okay, I can see fine with my not so old glasses and a prescription that I didn’t like, (not from Visionworks optician). I was told this time that I have the beginnings of cataracts, oh Jeeze, that means I am old.  Hopefully it will be years before they need operating on and the way they keep improving the techniques, it should be a breeze. Not like when I worked for an Ophthalmologist in the late 70’s and the implant lens was just beginning.  I remember working with patients who seemed so old as I was only in my 20’s and now I am the patient’s age, enjoy every minute of life folks! It flies by.  How did I hit 60? Why are their days I look 80? Why why why? Vanity is a nasty bitch!
That taken care of, back home I went,  it was suddenly 4:30pm, the light was already fading, cardinals outside my window  were searching for a few seed remnants. Ringo was waiting on the porch to fish,  

Okay, back from fishing, caught two bream, big ones, threw one to my heron  — The color as the sun sets is beautiful,   all is good except the mosquitos are still bad and the shore line continues to recede.
The moon is a sliver and I was starting to shiver, See ya later in the week…