Wednesday and Thursday we finally got a bit of rain, not a lot, maybe an inch. Hey, we’ll take it even though it comes with cold– the water level is still below my seawall.   I keep watching for the  smaller water level post that is below water level to start popping through, we are really at a low point, and being that this is coming into our dry season, it looks like a drought might be on the horizon this winter/spring.
Today I went over and hung up photos in two of my doctors’ examining rooms,  
Doctor Chris Caggiano of Physicians Associates in Lake Mary was kind enough to give art a try and I told him I would change it out every 6 weeks to keep it fun, so we will see if he gets good feed back or any feedback at all. In fact, Florida Hospital Altamonte Springs is having the “Art of Healing” a juried exhibition to have at the hospital – they hope to have local artists work as being healing to the patients and others who must go there. The Seminole Cultural Arts Council is in charge, so if you live in Seminole County Florida, submit your work  — contact via email,

After leaving the doctors ,  I stopped and had lunch at Athenian Gardens again, I love the Spanakopita appetizer and their pita and crushed olives in olive oil – yum, and that of course means dinner from the leftovers.
Ran over to see the marina and the waves, the dark tea colored water was churning , the smell of brine thick..  I walked out toward the north seawall and the wind was whipping – I did not even want to get too close to peer into the water for fear the wind would blow me in!  That’s my hair blowing around the camera lens.  I had on a turtle neck sweater and jacket and the 60 + degrees felt more like 50’s.  The palms were waving their long fronds in a soft swishing music in accompaniment with the rushing wind. An osprey took a route right over my head on it’s way to the piling,   not many birds braving the wind.  On the rights side of the seawall where the boats are moored, the water was much calmer.  
I looked for gators sunning themselves, thought they would need shore time to absorb what the sun had to offer, but no gators.
It did calm down a bit, but still felt cool.  No wildlife, few fisherman.  Two days earlier I came up to pick up some photos I had made,  I decided that I would stop and talk to the Palms  Resort Manager and show them some of my work thinking they might want some for their walls.  In the process I met the new manager, Kathy Aldrich of Kathy Aldrich Partners who has leased the hotel for 3 years and she has big dreams and hopes for the direction of the newly re-named, Lake Monroe Old South Motel. Kathy who is retired, was in the Navy for 25 years.   That’s Kathy and her medals – she is a dynamo with lots of ideas to get the Motel into a money making , business generating mode. She bought two of my photos and was interested in the local themed art and artists.  I  told her I would be glad to get the artists lined up when she is ready. I could visualize artist receptions there and the long hallway fitted with a track system, perfect for exhibiting. Of course, she has more pressing priorities at the moment, but after talking with her, I was sure she will finally get the old place fitted for a new life. Hats off to her and we will be watching her progress.    In the meantime I got good photos up there.   grackles on lamp.

These are at the Motel.  The clouds

these were from earlier in week.  and even saw a gator.     and a turtle,   Late the other night I was seeing frogs on my window,  was afraid of dreams with reptiles.
But back to today,  off home I drove passing some ‘homegrow’ fair on 46A,   I colorized a bit as it was my vision to see it bright and inviting, but actually, it looked dull and kind of lonely, had not opened yet.
Ringo and I bundled up and tried to fish. The wind was more of a brisk breeze, but as the sun was leaving, it was cold. Nothing was biting, took a lot of pictures of a big soft-shell, nicknamed him “AquaBuddah”…  
He was looking for the bread on my hook, so it was a pain trying to throw the line and watching the turtle go wherever the bread bait was.  Their heads look like baby gators – but it’s really only a softshell.
Ringo and I came back in, he stayed in!  Tonight it is to drop into low 40’s – whoa, where is the transition time?  You know it’s cold because Ringo stays in to sleep. And he came in and got on bed where Sealy was which is taboo for Sealy to be within 10 feet of him, but she didn’t even threaten him   I think she understood the feeling of cold, that was four hours ago and they are both sound asleep.
Had the Discovery Channel on as I was typing the blog,  they had a show featuring Robot Sex, it had several men making both male and female robots, the faces all looked like male impersonators.    The show was mainly based from a man’s perspective, with robots there was no rejection,  no one would leave and not come back, always ready and willing. The men wanting robots had childhood and teenage rejection.  Then there was a guy who wanted his girlfriend hypnotized to become a “cyborg” – after she was hypnotized the mantra became “pleasure is obedience, obedience is pleasure” – that was it in it’s entirety, domination of women without having to deal with reality. Fantasy roll playing for those lonely enough to take pleasure in plastic and silicone acceptance .  Next were the Hoarders, damn that is scary stuff – how terrible to be so obsessive compulsive. Most seem to be on disability and have lost people or have been badly rejected in their lives. Thank goodness for the computer storage or where would I keep all my photos ? It’s bad enough my spare bedroom is packed with frames and mats-  oh no, I’m a frame and mat hoarder!  What people in both Discovery shows need are robots that are capable of having sex, cleaning, cooking, throwing stuff away and organizing,  then the hoarders and robot fetish people will be happy – heck, if a robot could do Etsy, write the blogs, and figure out websites, I’d get one too — that has to be a billion dollar industry for whoever taps into it – (probably the Japanese)!
So how was that? We discussed art, clouds, gators, motels and fetish tv. Life is full of bi-polar conversation and we just had it – brrrr – must turn the heat on and give FPL CEO’s some income — goodnight or rather, good morning!  Remember  – Heathrow Art Festival is this weekend in Lake mary – perfect weather to look at art! Have a beautiful day!