Wait, where did October go? I really can’t comprehend the rate of speed with which it went away. Speed of Light I would say.
Got up to a cloudy sunrise, but when the sun comes up to the edge of the clouds and it spills it’s massive yellow energy out, it’s a new beginning, a new day to do whatever with. the scene was explosive and brilliant.

Saturday was the pick up day for our exhibit at The White Cup Coffeehouse, two people sold photos, I was not one, but it’s still great to hear.  Today was the hanging at the Maitland Library for the Gateway Center for the Arts Photography group. Met up with all my talented
friends who brought their work for brightening the walls.  It’s a wonderful library, over 100 years old!  Here’s a peek —  

My fellow photographers include, Mary Balanda, John Todd, George Melendez, Diane Miller, Denise Reck, Marlene Rimensberger, Joan Sandler, Suzie Darby and Angela Harkavy. If you are out that way, please stop by and have a look. The library staff was very excited about the exhibit, me too. Thanks to my photo peeps for all their help and their great pictures!   That’s me taking a pic of George Melendez taking a pic of me…
You know how it is when you stop somewhere and don’t really want to, but decide to go anyway,  well, I actually was going to bypass Appliance Direct, but my cooktop needs replacing, I mean really, when you have to tap the burners with your hand to get them fired up, it’s time for a new cooktop. So I figured, I’m right by 436, might as well go.  The store itself is rather old and dirty looking, the ‘out of box’ items looked creepy to me as I opened many a refrigerator  to the look of “used”.  Maybe some were samples, but looked like ‘samples’ that people sampled in their homes and returned. There were “in box” appliances too, but no cooktops, those must be ordered. The staff was very nice, but I did not find their ‘bargain’ prices that enticing. So I left, but found this wonderful moth just poised on a banister outside.   

I touched it and it flew down to the concrete and I caught it and put it in my cooler so it would not get run over or stepped on. The moth was beautifully colored with a pink/beige and yellow. It’s body was thick and the wingspan was about 3 1/2-4 inches wide.  I was so excited to get my DSLR and put a +10 macro lens on and take a close up of the face, body and wings. As soon as I got home I geared up the camera and put on the lens and took the cooler in the backyard and slowly lifted the lid and the moth was beautifully waiting, as I raised the camera, it took right off and I lost the opportunity. At least with so much flora and fauna around here, it can lounge comfortably somewhere besides concrete and block buildings. I was happy it flew off so fast, but sad I missed my close ups! It made me glad I stopped to look at appliances. Looked it up, the name of it was  “Imperial Moth” –  I guess I am back to banging on my burners for a while.
Oh well, the cranes were busy down by the water so I focused on them.  They were busy just picking apart the lillies and rooting in the mud.   They looked rather bored.  The clouds gathered and I was hoping to see them thicken and have some rain after about 35+ days with nothing, nada, not-a-dropa!  the water level keeps dropping an inch a day. 

Adam came home from his shift and we decided on Greek food. So off we drove to Athenian Gardens. 

and oh, it was sooooooo great! The food is heaven! So fresh!  I had a chicken/onion/pepper on fillo dough,  the presentation was awesome! First they give you pita with olive oil and crushed olives makes you fill up. It’s all so good, you can’t stop. Of course the portion is so nice and large, that you bring home dinner.  Go and eat Greek at Athenian Garden right near the Applebees on 46A across from Colonial Town Park – they treat you great and the food is absolutely the freshest around. The feta cheese is excellent, the atmosphere too. And the best part, the price is reasonable, between Adam and I and two lunches and soft drinks, we spent $20, that’s it! And well worth it!
“Back at the ranch” I called to Ringo to go fishing, but he was already sleeping down my the waters edge waiting for a fish.
But fish were nowhere to be found and Ringo grew bored.  The heron too flew off to an island deeper in the lake, no fish are finding a way onto my hooks, only turtles, and I did catch one of those tonight.  And now, the first day of November has flown away,  here’s a little nature to enjoy – and savor every minute, they dissolve at a moments notice!!!  P/S – have a new stray cat who showed up for breakfast, will try and get a photo if it comes again…