Had an opportunity to exhibit using Maitland Florida Library Display case and was driving through Ronald Reagan Blvd. when I spotted Fishy Business just past 434 and knew I had to stop.  
They have the most beautiful fish, fresh and salt water!  The owner was kind enough to let me photograph his stock and there is a lot! Supplies for everything you need to set up and maintain a tank of any size and fish food to0.  It is probably the best stocked fish store around the Orlando area. Need Koi? Need to replace that dead lion fish, they have it.  Anenomes, coral, sucker fish, they have a huge inventory plus plants for your tanks.  

and I worked a few into art: example. The wonderful hum of the water, the power visual of fish moving as groups and even singly is so relaxing. And tank to tank, each fish is different. There are aggressive and passive and you have to know what gets along with what.
knife clowns to clown clowns, they have it.  http://www.fishybusinessaquarium.com/

Went on to the library and saw that Bonnie Sprung has her newest exhibit up till next Monday when our Gateway group takes over.  Here’s her latest work:   interesting paintings. I set up the space I was given, the display cabinet up front of the library.  Tried to make it look fun. While I was there, someone mentioned a booksale, so I went through the doors and they were pricing books, didn’t have many at all, but up on a stack, I found these:

and immediately bought them. I knew Adam would be excited.
I drove next door to Lake Lily and there was nothing to take pictures of – where was all the wildlife? I’m not kidding, saw a couple
moorhens and a pair of muscovys.  Maybe because it’s so damn hot again, almost 90 today and no rain in over a month now!
On to Winter Park where I had an errand or two, but something caught my eye, a car lot, 

That’s the Muscle Cars and Handle bars car lot and they sell old classics and fix old cars and motorcycles too –now to many of you, that’s wildlife!  http://www.musclecarsandhandlebars.com click on the link if you like old cars, cool old cars…
Headed on home and as I rounded the corner of Lake Blvd, I spotted fox squirrels, so of course I had to park and go take pics:

just kidding, here ya go —

Love those adorable squirrels.  Saw some woodstorks too, could not get very close to them as they spook easily.  Then headed home awaiting the plumber, have a

leak in my kitchen sink pipe behind the wall!   Ringo was on the porch and so were the cranes trying to vandalize the place because there was no bird seed on the stump.  We went fishing, caught a large bream, too large for Ringo to eat so I threw it back. Adam took these two pics.  You can almost see Ringo salivating for sushi! But it was not happening tonight and no herons either and worst of all, no moon, though I got an interesting shot last night.  
And that’s how humpday was in Abbesworld – hope your day went just as well!