This was the night of the FREE Casselberry Jazz and Art festival and what a night! It does not get more perfect than this!  The place was rockin’ as I pulled up to the parking lot of Taco Bell and watched the cars jam into the lot across the street.  l waited for the light with others and finally walked over to join the heavy crowd as they over looked the lake and the stage. People of all ages, all ethnicity, united for a night of peace and jazz and fun at Concord Lake Park in Casselberry, you could feel the love!.  Art was present in 3 areas, the Firehouse sculpture center, the ArtHouse and City Hall and  I have the pictures to prove it! First, thanks to Linda Moore, the Recreation Coordinator for including my photography and for what she and the others did to put this huge show together — let no man put asunder! They did an amazing job of coordinating this whole shindig! All working parts fit into a harmonious groove.  Here’s the nights delights:
Got there at almost 6pm and was surprised at how filled it was. There were about 1500 people they guestimated. There were tents set up with food, orchids, goodies and lines already packed as I wandered about. One of the first faces I saw was Elizabeth St. Hillaire Nelson’s, she was waiting for her family, her husband, Douglas Nelson’s photography was on the walls of City Hall,
could you ever not be happy looking at the “Hawaiian Fruit Stand”?  His dimensional art was quite striking too.    He had 10 pieces included in this exhibit. Some of the photographers I could not find websites for, but they do have their info at Cityhall in Casselberry, easy to call them and find out how to contact any one of them.

Chris Casler,  – here’s a sampling  
Everett Spowill  was very informative to me and a few others looking and admiring at his digital work on vinyl.  He happened to be the only other photographer I caught up with.  Here’s a few of the 5 he had on the walls. 

Douglas J. Nesbitt, –  had 6 photos,  Bill Galbreath,program Manager for Digital Media at Full Sail had 6 pieces also.  Josh Garrick, Curator, writer,  past professor of ancient Greek art and culture  at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, had his silver Gelatin prints as proof of his expertise.

Kathryn Jean-Rejouis,   had her work on foam core, which had a great appeal to them.
I apologize to those whose photos I have pictured and did not make notations of who all the pictures belonged  to, but there was so much wonderful work represented by these Fine Artists,  it was quite an eyeful.   I guess I was rather floating above it all so grateful to be asked to join in.  Here’s a few more
photos of the lobby and second floor of the City Hall.  The sculptures are the work of Marla E.
These are Douglas J. Nesbitt’s.
—   these are 3 or my 4.

Back outside I made my way to the Firehouse  Sculpture Center and  ran into Amy Wieck who creates wonderful gems with metal and yet is so very gentle in her core.   And there were also many others, too many to name. Take a look at all these:  This lady with the mask was made by Geoffrey Sprague who also had work at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center last night.

There were a lot more! All quite vital!
On I went weaving around the hordes to the Art House where a group of painters studying under  Marco Bronzini had their paintings on display:

There is plenty else to look at, but I can’t sit still much longer!  As I always advise, go have a look yourself! Outside it was losing light and I looked everywhere for my moon, but could not see it. I wandered about, smelling the spicy cooking at the Tiajuana Flats tent, looking at the pastries for sale, smelling cigars, listening to children’s laughter as they rolled around the grass, watching lovers hug and kiss, watching people with smiles and serious expressions as the music wrapped itself around everyone. Someone was plein air painting all while listening to the sweet sounds of  Nick Colionne & Jackiem Joyner. Here’s a few more crowd views:

The trees must have been coveting the moon, I did not see it anywhere at all.   Finally I had made enough rounds and crossed 19/72 to get to my truck.   and took a photo of ongoing traffic with my camera switched to Manual without setting anything –   But as I was stopped at the light at Triplet, there it was, the fantastical blooming moon hiding – tucked neatly into a cloud as if to surprise me.    the moon arose and followed me all the way up north on 17/92 to Sanford:

There it is to the east at Ronald reagan Blvd.  and on it went till I parked in my driveway and to my surprised it stopped right there over my lake!-    I hurried through the backyard and pushed the camera button to on:

It was a full faced reflection on the lake behind my house which made me start singing in my brain, Fly me to the Moon, and in my head it sounded like one last encore of cool jazz before going inside to write this,