Today was the reception for, “Phantasmagoria”, a surrealist art exhibit put together by my talented friend, photographer, President of the Gateway Center’s photography club and curator, Diane Miller. She did a wonderful job of collecting artists who do remarkable work in dealing with the surrealistic realm.  The ‘eye’ mobile by Sandra Sheetz Wise looked down over the crowd, as people viewed the exciting work and interpretation of each piece of art.  Sandra Sheetz Wise had several pieces, will feature a few. When I walked in I was greeted by Sandra’s look,  

She is known for her eye paintings and the meaning of life flowing through her many abstract views.
Etta Juge had several photos and I really enjoyed one she took in France, “A Toast to Paris” – She has exhibited in many local venues and is a true professional. She and her husband Frank both are expert photographers and world travelers.
A new surreal artist, (new to me I mean)  was Shelia F. Crawford. I was quite impressed with her usage of many layers of work reminiscent of Maggie Taylor’s work.. Shelia is a retired teacher and when I suggested she teach a class on her use of filters/layers she told me she has many requests for a class. I hope she reads this and realizes people would pay for her knowledge. She has a website, for the fuller appreciation of the spectrum of her work.  Here’s a few samples, but with the glare, you can’t really tell all the layers that are applied:     Please visit her site as I certainly cannot do the artist justice of their work with the window glare that appears on camera as I take pictures of the art.  Another talent was glass sculptress, Marilyn Catlow,       What truly beautifully composed pieces! So creative and well put together, perfect for this show: bright energetic and wonderful uplifting color. She has made many many amazing sculptures through the years.

The work by Bryan Carson, was very polished and made one have to read through all the fine lines – he has several works. It was very different in his method of art and abstract/surrealism.

My friend and Gateway member Marlene Rimenberger, has a real knack for surrealism and I marveled at her talent and mastery of her work. She was joined by her son and daughter-in-law  and  they live hours away, her children are so supportive, I have met them before at another venue. Marlene has been in two of my Gateway exhibits, she is very versatile. Her work can be seen currently at the WHite Cup Coffeehouse and will be on exhibit at the Maitland Library in November. Hats off to her photography!  Have a look:   Another artist I met,   Jennifer Kirton who does finely detailed pen and ink with chroma pencils to appreciate the pen part, you must fully get into a grove standing before them and analyzing all the tapestry of line! Love the look of the Chroma pencil added to the one picture.
Diane Miller did a fine job selecting the work. The gallery had a good blend of media types and was “well hung.” Hats off to Diane. But to truly appreciate it, one needs to go and check it out, There is way too much fine detail in each photo, you could look these over for a long time to extract the meanings hidden inside. You wonder what the artist is thinking, how they their brain accumulated all this info and then sorted it out into surreal detail to their satisfaction, and ours. Please, take your time and really absorb the thought process that went into each piece. Here are a few more glimpses:

Even the cookies were surreal!
My neighbor and fine artist, Nancy Irish was in attendance and has gone back to her roots of teaching, she is offering a class on American Art and Architecture at her residence. It’s a 2 hour daytime class taught once a week for 8 weeks for $80, email her at or call at 407-323-1930. She will gladly give you details.
As for the Gateway’s other causes, they have a whole room of bra art, each bra has a number and will be auctioned off online to benefit Breast Cancer research. The participating artists have done a creative job in making each bra into a truly fun work of art.   
This is sponsored by Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Foundation;  go to to view all details, the bras and bidding procedure can be seen there. It will tell you where the bras can be viewed, The Gateway Center For The Arts has a wonderful selection. But hurry, it ends at the end of October.
And now it’s almost 2am, so I will end here and maybe add a few minor details tomorrow – sweet surreal dreams…