Drove over to Winter Park at 9:30am to grab some photos of this huge event. It is like the “creme’ de la creme” of art festivals besides Heathrow.
I parked away a few streets on Cole St. where I noticed a few other vehicles were and there was no one hawking for a $5 fee and had no sign as a ‘tow away zone’.
I looked down the railroad tracks and could see the whites of the tents a few blocks away. The street was getting crowded, Panera Bread was packed with a waiting line. The walk along to the event was wonderful, a breeze and easy 70’s temperature, perfect.  Look, the Geico Lizard was the first booth, it was packed solid with many many booths of artists with all types of skills and all styles of booth presentations.  I was taken aback when viewing Marta Crawford’s flowers and fruit with the most lush and flattering  use of light. www.martacrawford.com There was so much to look at that I can’t show, but here’s a glimpse for future local shows as many of these people travel the circuit all year round.
J. E. Thursby had absolutely the most expressive faces ever, I loved the faces of all his people. He was  not in his booth, so don’t have a website. But his realism rocks!
I could have taken photos all day.  Marius Moore’s oriental work was a net for me,   http://mariusmoore.com/
On to Su Griggs at http://sugriggsallen.com who have interesting figures.   … 

Robert E Mier, http://www.artnatureflorida.com – he is a Sanford artist, does many local critters.

The stunning angles of  Larry Humphrey   http://larryhumphrey.com/
I found Gail Peck,  http://www.outandaboutphoto.com who I have talked to many times via the internet, but it was so good meeting her up close as I admire her ability to pull off these shows so successfully. She was telling me how Roger and Trish McNichols of  http://rt-art.com/ had anticipated her needs for extra prints last night and had her art ready and waiting for her this morning before the show, now that’s service and that’s what Roger and Trish offer!  Gail’s Photography,  has been a long time favorite at the local exhibits.  Here’s a look, but explore her Out and About Photo website.  
Next I took a few snaps of Lyse Anthony,   http://lyseanthony.com/ She is another one of those “concerned for nature” type of soul.
The next was Scott Hiestand,  http://www.scotthiestand.com who attracted me with his bird photos:  

The unique pottery work of  John Kellum,  http://www.jkellum.com and along the way were many others whom I can’t possibly document.  But of course, as the cliché goes, it was a feast for the eyes. here’s a few more of the “looks” that one finds at these festivals:  

Here’s the interesting look to Stephen Baldauf  

That dark perfect shadow across was due to sunlight, not Stephen’s work. His website http://stephenbaldauf.com

I was worn out from over stimulation.  Here’s a few more on the way out of Winter Park: 
The past posters.  A didgeridoo, or whatever that Aussie thing is. 

Wedding gowns were gorgeous at the shop,
The Collection   and passing other shops:  

back to the car and off home. When I got home there were the cranes all grooming on my porch shedding feathers all over,
Had to follow them out to get at least one close up picture.  and of course can never settle for just one.  

and a wink goodbye….