I am in Tampa for several days being a grandmother, having fun with my sweet peapod –         She’s a wonderful baby and I am enjoying her.  Today , Saturday, Leila asked if I would come to help her decide between a couple wedding Dresses and to go to an appointment to try a few new ones on. The kids will be getting married in 2011. So off we ventured to two bridal stores.     Here we go toward downtown        Tampa which is easy to get around on a Saturday when the traffic is minimal. We went to Davids first where Leila tried on two beautiful gowns that were both beautiful and reasonably priced. She is good about knowing that price matters. Both dresses looked way  more expensive than they were priced at.  She was proud of herself being a good budget minded shopper.      I have purposely colored and hidden the dress, though this one was not one of her favorites. What was interesting is how they take a petite size 2 young woman, (one who just gave birth two months ago and already is back to her normal weight,) put her in a sized 10 dress and clip it all down the back and make it look like it was designed exclusively for her. And the economy for weddings? No slow down in Tampa’s wedding industry! I saw every dressing room filled at Davids, dresses floating by like frilly clouds dragged by hopeful commissioned sales people as wedding parties sat on couches waiting to eye the right wedding gown for the bride, as the brides attendants tried on their dresses, shoes, veils, they even had decorative ‘flip-flops’.  There were deadlines to be made, calenders to mark and measurements taken left and right for orders.  Next, we moved on to Demetrios – more exclusive, less crowded and the place where Leila found the dress that made her beam, but was also twice the price of the other favorite dress. This one was quite a unique dress, and she looked like a beautiful, exotic princess in it. Now which did I think was the best one? Oh No!  I never went to a place like this to purchase a wedding dress, in fact, I never wore one, but I do still have the long skirt I wore after getting married at Akron City hall. A wedding seemed corny to us back then, very conventional. Neither of us cared about formalities seeing that we had lived together 4 years before getting married, a wedding dress was not for me. Maybe it was the times – the sixties, the mood. But now, every other show on these cable “womens” channels are about wedding dresses, or platinum weddings, Bridezillas, sizing up each others weddings and the rest of the shows are about childbirth. That has sure added to the popularity of out-doing each other for wedding memories. These bridal ‘markets carry everything ala carte’. Many places might be suffering with money woes, but weddings seem to go on and beef up their related businesses. Maybe people are cutting back a bit, but I can say I saw a slew of engaged women waiting to spend big bucks! Marriages still happen with lots of expenses. I was like a fish out of water observing it all. I saw Mothers smiling and excited as their daughters came out in dress after dress, I was there as a decision maker and supporter, Leila’s Mom lives far away and had just come to see her new grandchild, so I was recruited to help, heck, I can’t even decide which tea to drink for breakfast. But Leila and I knew the type of dresses she liked, the real problem is that every dress she tried on looked like a winner – yikes, could I be of any real help?  Well, what we did decide was to think it over at lunch and the best decision, to have lunch at Acropolis in Ybor City! I love eating there anytime I come to Riverview! It’s the easiest decision to make! They never fail to deliver on quality of Greek food – if you want authentic Greek, go and enjoy!     
Back at the house, we reviewed the dresses I had photographed, (in fact at Demitrios I was asked not to take photos and yet, everyone around me was taking pictures.) 
Go figure?  So here it is Saturday night, the baby is asleep, the kids are out at an antique car show and I am looking at the photos, going back and forth, trying to be mature about which dress will do the job, the very unique, more formal one or the other classic dress half the price that looks perfect for a Hawaiian wedding? – Back to square one -chalk it up to my indecisive nature, as a matter of fact, I will make a decision,  go to the refridgerator and eat the rest of my spanakopita – as for Leila, I guess the best advice I can give her is that some decisons must be made with the heart!  Does that get me off the hook?