Yesterday was the last day of our Gateway Center for the Arts, photography group, “Saturated Sunshine” Exhibit at the University Club in Winter Park.  John Todd’s bridge,   –    Marlene Rimensberger’s two water views and George Melendez with his antique buggy –
–  and the rest of us who exhibited will be traveling on down the road to exhibit again in November.  We left bare walls,    but with full hearts of thanks to The University Club for their generous use of wall space . Daphne and Nita are two of the most dedicated and kind volunteers around and we so appreciate their time and energy.  Now onto the Maitland Library in November.  Part of our group is exhibiting now at The White Cup in Debary on 17/92 until the 23rd of October – Reception there tomorrow night from6-8pm at 15 S. Hwy 17/92 in Debary.. Always trying to keep something up and running for those who want to get their work out.
And speaking of Maitland Library, Adam and I went to see my great pal Pamela Z. Daum’s New Mexico landscapes that are on display. Pam has an excellent eye and her use of black and white and infrared make for stellar photography. She had been to a workshop in New Mexico this past spring with master photographer, George DeWolf and has carried her lessons well.  I tried to take some photos, but the window glare was just too bright against the glass of the photos.  These are a must see as you can’t truly appreciate until you are upclose and looking at the scope of Pam’s perspective. Down the road a few blocks, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson is showing her “painted pictures” at the Maitland Art And History Association.   Her work using hundreds of pieces of paper placed just so is astonishing. The colors perked up that dimly lit gallery and to truly appreciate it the detail, you must spend a good amount of time looking at each piece to see what kind of message she has employed. I loved her fish,
and donkey   and look at some of the detailing   The gallery was filled with beauty and the joy that is Elizabeth.     She also has a product line of purse and even Cd’s so you can try this method of collage yourself.   I have watched Elizabeth demonstrate her skills once and it was true artistry, she made a rooster in what seemed like minutes right before our eyes with pieces and bits of paper, from her kids school homework, to music sheets, to gift wrap and more, she is a wonder. To find her brand, here ya go Here’s a couple more pieces,    love those birds!  .
Maitland Art Center site is accessed at The Maitland Art and History Association is always an interesting place to visit with the serenity that exudes from it’s very walls.   We did stop to walk around Lake Lily which will be having their Fall festival this weekend – It’s always a great artist event!   Here’s a few pics:  
and then on for a late lunch to Bahama Breeze,   The sky from the tropical depression that was supposed to come made the clouds gorgeous, I could hardly stop looking up all day, a few fews from Winter Park to Sanford   and of course back home with the silly cranes doing a rain dance.   you have seen them in other videos, as I never tire of watching them…  

Waited to fish with Ringo, excited as the weather seemed cooler and had watched two guys fishing at Lake Lily and all they did was drop in a line and within seconds they had bass! I was sure that would happen to me! But, nothing like that happened.  But did catch gorgeous gorgeous sunset all around the lake from that “flop”-ical storm that did not dump any rain today!  Here’s my views.

So many textures and colors.   And of course, my fishing buddy Ringo waiting intensely for his catch of the day which hasn’t happened in weeks and weeks – So keep looking up, enjoy life, it goes too fast!