Look Look – I have ordered a few cups to put on my website that will be up and running sometime late next week – the cups don’t have a white stripe, that’s the kitchen light – but I am hoping to appeal to bird lovers, need to do some cardinals too. Only have 6, but it is an experiment, and did them fairly cheap. I am looking into a machine that I could use to print my own cups, now that would be ideal!
Outside it looks threatening – a tropical depression is headed for us,  hope it is not like Fay that dumped 22 inches on us! So far it has been a nice rain, sounds soothing, though the sky for most of the day has been looking like a monsoon is about to hit.   this photo was at 8am this morning,   at noon,   at 3pm as Adam and I went to Imperial Palace, (and here I go off on a tangent) – The Imperial Palace is a wonderful Chinese/Sushi restaurant that in 2009, was rated one of the top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the whole country for 2009. They have a lot of selections and the help is always right there and anxious to give advice, and the food is very decently priced too.
By far they have the best Miso and Wonton soup around! Everything tastes really fresh! Come on, spread some green around the town.
Around 1pm I ran out and was pulling around the golf course and there was a fox squirrel! I pulled over and took a few pics and one very horribly wobbly movie – this big squirrel saw me and hopped on a tree and threatened me and I really thought he might jump off that tree and sink it’s teeth into me.  

    Love those feisty squirrels –
Today with a storm brewing, the birds were quite active – the grackles have been coming back in bigger numbers –  the baby jays crack me up, have one young one that comes to the ground and relaxes for a few seconds that flies off, Here’s some views from “beyond the pane”:
cranes fly past.   The mockingbirds have been chasing each other all day, back and forth, don’t understand if it is territorial or if it is mating?   

Here’s a palm, just loved looking up and noticing all the details:  also had a large heron come down by the shoreline around fishing time, but took off before I could get too close.   In the meantime, waiting for this Depression to bop us one. Here’s a few more pics,  
And tonight, has not rained in a few hours,  went out to try and take some night photos and found my heron up in the tree waiting – that’s a good sign! Though I could hardly see anything through my camera screen, only saw the bird because clouds were behind it and I could see the outline – the bird has been up there for a couple hours now, I am so hoping that it means there will be a nest there in a few months again. 
Oh, water level today was about 2.77, will see how water affects it tomorrow & Thursday – and if you have a prayer, ask that it doesn’t rain enough so that the toilets don’t flush…