Ah, the harvest moon early early Friday am was rather a secretive one. Waited and waited for it’s rising and at about 6:30pm Thursday a rainbow appeared,   I thought that was a good sign that maybe the moon would be equally as tantalizing.  A single cloud formed over the lake,   that cloud wall thickened and removed all traces of the moon rise.  The cranes and Ringo and I watched the gray wall develop,    the cranes got bored and flew away.           And from then on, the moon was occluded until much later when it appeared like some veiled apparition riding the clouds.   Adam and I did see Jupiter and the moons along the right side of it, too bad I can’t take those close ups!  Finally gave up at 2am and went to bed.  This morning it clouded up early and did a few bouts of showers. I wondered if it would be good for the Sanford Art Walk, and even with the hardcore lightening, things were fine.
The Welcome Center was open again with a theme of “Red”. And how fitting that the first thing I came upon was red    the rooster at 2 Blondes and A Shrimp. I made my way to the Welcome Center to see my friend Diane’s work and Rae Marie of Framing 508 Gallery, I was not disappointed either. It was actually not too busy tonight at 6:30pm when I arrived. The clouds were threatening and lightning was overhead. But the Welcome Center with it’s monthly art is back up and running again which is always a treat, there were many artists juried in tonight, make sure if you are an artist to check the Historic Sanford Welcome Center site  http://www.sanfordinfo.com/  for their juried arts shows.
It’s always good to see Matt the Saxman outside,   he is excellent with his jazz saxophone! If you need a strong music presence, here’s his site http://mattthesaxman.com

The Welcome Center    upon entering had a stunning floral arrangement for this theme.  The Sanford Flower Shop did a fabulous job – http://www.sanfordflowershop.com – You have to see this tall piece with all the red carnations involved.  I was told the flower shop is open now on these artwalks and knew I would have to stop over there too. But here are the Welcome Center photos:   The big flower is one of Rae Marie’s,   http://www.508gallery.com/ she had a few more beauty’s too. and Diane Miller, who is head of our Gateway Center For the Arts Photography group always shows well.  She had smaller framed prints for sale too as did several others. Excuse a bit of glare, but it won’t dull her contribution. The Welcome Center always does it right, they have amazing food and wine to enjoy too. Oh, and special treat with Tom Abbott’s work hanging this month over there,   he always does interesting pieces.
I left for Jeanine Taylor’s Gallery and ran into my son and Ari sitting right in front,    as if right on cue, and yet we didn’t even plan it – mothers have strong radar!  Jeanine’s Gallery – Gallery On First   always has the grand vibe and her Halloween art did not disappoint. All I can say is to go have a look — there’s  a metal working artist in the center gallery who has very interesting metal ‘clothes’ hanging on the walls, ties, hats, dresses, all sculpted from metal.  And am happy to report the MAD team, mother and daughter Sharon Rae Hyder and Lori Anne Harris were ‘Artists of the Month’ at the Gallery.  http://www.theartistsloft.wd http://lorianneharris.com They showed off some of their new work.    Sharon and Lori Anne are two of the many artists who rent out gallery space – they do have some rental space available, contact the gallery.  http://www.jtfolkart.com The folk artists that Jeanine represents are all so colorful and have quite a presence. Theresa Disney, Melissa Menzer, two of my favs!  Now on to The Sanford Flower Shop   

http://www.sanfordflowershop.com ) another plug for this classy little shop at 209 East Commercial St right next to the Library.  The shop is very classy and is quite well stocked with many gifts and cards and art besides catering to all your floral needs. Here’s the proof,   

what charm and such an artistic ambiance! So if you are over looking at the galleries, please stop at the flower shop as they are also featuring an artist of the month, this month’s it’s Karen Harrod     And on to my home gallery,
Ronda’s Art Affair  http://www.artaffairgallery.com WOW – Ronda has done it again with her artists’ help! First we will concentrate on Toelle Hovan who is doing a bang up job of adding so much color and fun, from her hand painted tables to purses, paintings and even teaching, you want to learn it, Toelle Hovan is there to show you how, contact her at the gallery. Here’s the view:   

Her work is bright, happy and exciting.  And onto the other artists including Tom Abbott and if I am educating you at all, you can pick out his work inside this full portfolio of gallery works.  Peter Cetera, love love your depiction of life! and must say something about Julie Kessler who puts her heart and soul into each piece she does, Julie,  your new work of art is beyond words – the details and mosaics you crafted are as deep as the layers to Kessler!  Here it is and I cannot do it justice   Please go and take a look at the minutia!
Ronda has many new items and artists, she does not stand still for a minute when it comes to acquiring new things, here’s some of her details:
hand beaded and silver utensils.

can’t forget that Ronda sells art supplies too!    

Marie DeCosta is someone who can make a place interesting.  Several of these are hers,  but whose is who? You have to go to the Galleries in Sanford to find out, I am just giving you a glimpse of what I see. Get out and take a look on this rainy Saturday, go buy something, stir up the economy – last night I purchased a Peter Cetera print that I could not resist….   Catch ya later, headed to Debary in a few to put up the Gateway Photo groups exhibit “Critters” at White Cup Coffeehouse in Debary, more on that tomorrow – enjoy your day, brighten it with art!