Last night the moon was so large and bright and Jupiter and her moons were close by beneath our satellite. I went out briefly for a look and was promptly vampirized by mosquitos. The night was beautiful though and had to brave the hordes to take some photos:

Go out tonight and take it in. Get or borrow binoculars — absorb Jupiter, it makes you appreciate space/distance, the concept of worlds beyond.  Another rising star is our Steve Barnes running for Florida State House of Representatives District 34,  he needs to replace the do nothing current rep we have. So go to his site and educate yourself, he’s very concerned about our environment and education, he was concerned before he even ran.
Good luck Steve.     the neighborhood is getting full of his signs, I must get one too.
Today the clouds started early   and thought it would be a good marina morning.  You can tell who lives around here just by the blind mosquitos that cling to the vehicles.     That’s not dirt, its all mosquitos! They swarm as soon as you settle. When I opened my car doors, they were flying in – at least these don’t bite!   I went looking for manatees and nothing came into view, not even birds near the Harbor Island, all was very quiet.  Saw that the River Romance had not gone out yet, stepped out of the truck and walked over to take some pics and saw Jeff Drake – who is a local Sanford photographer who does weddings and personal photography. I also found out he does photography for groups on the River Romance cruises. What a great job! Toughing it out on that boat for hours at a time, food/views/photography – not too shabby. One day I am going to take that cruise at lunchtime as soon as it cools down and critters and birds are busier. Speaking of busier, got a show coming up for my Gateway Center ‘peeps’ at the White Cup Coffeehouse of Debary, starts actually on Saturday, but probably won’t be finished hanging until closing. Come and see it during the month of October, reception – 6-8pm on Oct. 1st.
As I said the boats were gleeming under a hot sun, but the breeze made it bearable. Here’s a look, I tried my panoramic looks.

I saw a couple osprey, one with it’s catch enjoying the meal and watched as River Romance took it’s trip toward the St. Johns river.  

The boat moved closer and passed by, I did hear Jeff whistle as they passed and I waved from shore.
Tried to put a black line showing which one he is.
And off it goes. I did catch a couple water birds:  

And a few more before hitting the road:  

On way home, caught the site of buzzards tearing raccoon apart – as they are such interesting scavangers, had to stop to get their funny antics.

Then, finally made it home and Adam took me out to lunch, it’s great having generous kids!  Go and enjoy your day – the hours are flying by again, back to the future….