Of course you know by now I have a family of Sandhills that come regularly. Yesterday I saw them at the lake and have to go investigate. They were so enjoying the water on a 90+ degree afternoon. And here are the results: 

Then of course comes the grooming, getting those loose feathers plucked.

They spread their wings and flap to dry them and then groom,  

This is a window view as I sit at my desk.

Other wise, the heat is wearing us all out, no rain again in over a week. The hurricane better throw some rain our way.
This morning tried to find something fun to photograph so I followed the smaller flying ‘machines’,
and there is always a beautiful water lily   and the roses too are blooming, but due to lack of rain, they don’t last long until they decay, but to me, they are still a photo op

And that’s Sunday morning as September slips away, let each day bring you renewal and don’t forget to look around and absorb beauty, it’s there in the details of life, take a few moments and take it in… now you’re excused….