ummm,. let me do this in  reverse from when I arrived home.   The moon right now is beaming in the sky,   so beautifully smiling from the sun’s fierce reflection, she brazenly followed me all the way home with her ‘nightlight’ from Maitland’s Assisted Living residence, Savannah Court. The Gateway Center for The Artists were participating with them for ‘Family night’ with an art show. Sounded like fun anytime you bring art to people so I was game.

When I got home, the moon’s face was blushing from behind the trees.     at times the sky was wonderfully woolly.  Miss sealy greeted me,    and Ringo jumped on the desk for a while to make sure that dog photo I was editing on wasn’t coming through the monitor or else…  

I was happy as I sold a picture tonight to someone who really seemed to enjoy my fish abstract. To Joyce, thank you and know that when I take a photo, it is with a lot of happiness, I love working my photos into something that makes me smile and I am so glad you felt that way too. 

The Savannah Court was welcoming and nurturing, Rich Besser and the staff could not have been nicer. everyone was smiling and treated us wonderfully. When I walked in, they were playing bingo and had a whole bulletin board of activities for the day. Our art show was scheduled at at 5pm and I was a bit early, but watched as an enthusiastic crowd worked their cards to shouts of ‘BINGO’ echoing in the room. When it ended, Rich was in control and could not have been more accommodating. The room was straightened up for our exhibit and the staff worked at setting up for family and art night which they had advertised.  There were 5 artists, Linda Weiler, Terry Hightower, Aileen McRae,  Pauline Kretler,  and me, me being the only photographer.  The others had a good balance of oils and acrylics with still life and work with a range of subjects. Pauline had the coolest cards,   — Terry told me a very cute story about wrens that always nest between two boots  in her shed each years, her artwork told the story as well as her words.   Terry was the big seller tonight, people were pulling her work off the racks, Congrats to her!  Here’s a look at some of the art work at Savannah Court.

A sale! Of course you know who these last few bird pics belong to!

And the food, OMG — I had my cooler with me with the boring peanut butter sandwich, crackers, pudding, cookies, junk to get me by when the sugar levels wane, didn’t even need it,  they fed us! What a wonderful array of dinner foods, Hawaiian chicken on skewers, quiches, cheeses, even brie, fresh fruits and there was meat, but never looked at it. We were treated like royalty and encouraged to eat and eat, believe me, the desserts were fabulous, there was no more room.  I totally went over and thanked the chef, Adrian Gibson,  telling him how appetizing the food was. He must be a great guy to have at home!   The lemon cheesecake squares and the raspberry and chocolate squares were all simply tantalizing – I wanted to take a doggie bag home of chicken and dessert, but, I behaved, well,  sort of, 2 little lemon squares weren’t going to be missed.

They put on an impressive Family night, and there were a lot of grown ‘children’ visiting parents, really did not see any any young children, but saw an adorable miniature schnauzer.    They encourage pets to visit too.  I did miss the big lake behind the place, only saw it back at home on a map — can you imagine I missed the lake? If I lived there, that’s where they would find me daily with camera and pole. Then I’d be annoying the residents with tales of my catches and photos.

This was a wonderful venue, one of the best! When we left, everyone thanked us for coming, and I do want to thank them too for being wonderful hosts, treating us like extended family.  Thanks to Linda Weiler and the other artists for being so supportive of each other and including me. I would do it again. But there was one funny incident, my neighbor Linda came to see the art exhibit after having seen it in the newspaper. She lived practically across the street from me when we lived in Longwood before 1995. I knew her right away when I saw her,  same bright blue eyes, same smile and demeanor,  nothing about her that had aged,  she looked the exact same as when I saw her last about 15 years ago, I saw her and hurriedly gave her a hug,  but she didn’t recognize me right away,  I had to tell her. We chatted on about our kids and found out two of hers had served in Iraq and Afghanistan with her daughter still serving in Iraq right now.  That is truly amazing when you think of the directions our children have taken. I can only thank her profusely for her son and daughter’s sacrifice for us.  It was so nice to have happened upon someone from the old Sweetwater ‘hood’.  I got the scoop of who is still there and whose gone.  Later I looked at myself in the mirror several times, questioning the esoteric reflection. Uummm,  ah ‘sweet bird of youth’, so fragile and fleeting — guess you are only visible for me when I peer through a camera lens now, and by that I mean literally, at least I can see sweet birds of youth!  As for the mirror,  screw vanity – not a whole lot one can do about aging, blame the genes — well… maybe blame all those delicious fatty foods I have loved along the 60 year ride, plus those  2000 calorie lemon cheesecake squares that came home in the cooler,  ‘c’est la vive’ –