Almost forgot that there was an event in Lake Mary, but Robin Maria Pedrero reminded me with her use of Facebook events. The merchants of downtown Lake Mary have banded together to do their art and wine night again behind City Hall. Robin sent out notices that she would be showing some of her paintings in front of the Spa, Peaceful Intentions. Thought I would check it out because I used to do this venue a few years back and then it stopped. It was well attended and grew with all the artists who were signing up to show, so it’s good to know they are bringing it back.

Before I left home, the late afternoon clouds looked low and lazy,    but yet the breeze was blowing nicely. Hurricane Igor was sitting way off shore thank goodness as they say it as wide as the distance between New York and Dallas Texas,  that monster Igor is up to no good,  but we are spared except for the big swells that might start tomorrow off the coast. But on to downtown Lake Mary.

I got there around 5:45 and almost all the parking around downtown/City Hall was taken, the place was filled with people going shop to shop and partaking of wine and food and discounts. Artists were on the side walk and the first one I ran into was Deborah B. Smith, a painter and recycler of lamps,   these are two she had recycled and hand painted. She also teaches classes for painting in acrylic step by step, contact her at Every shop seemed filled.  The glassware belongs to a local artist and I lost his card, so if someone has it, email me. I had seen him in Sanford a few months back and he does stunning design.

The city had put up walkways to cross the street from the elementary school and another at Rinehart road and I am not sure what to make of them, they look so odd, but do serve a purpose.   The City Hall is always a very good space for stopping to enjoy the trees and scenery   and yet, no one was even sitting on a bench taking advantage, but that might have been because of the food that was being offered at each venue.

There was a postcard designed by the merchants that gave discounts off clothes, shoes, services by the businesses. The website to see additional venues;

At Pierre’s Wine Cellar, they were cooking up good eats.    The artwork looked familiar to me, but it was chaotic in there and I did not learn the name of the artist, but recognized the rich art and it had to be Aurore Brunet, so I moved along.   her site is

I passed a couple other artists;  this table belonged to Mary Beth Czech, contact at  And this one     grab her email off the dog

Came across the exquisite glass fusings of Carol Lahy, they were so delicate and beautifully crafted, hope the photos can bring the detail.  

visit her at

Stopped off at the studio of Michelle Stromberg who does photography for people;, weddings, newborns, business, etc.  her link would not work for me so call 407-474-7315 to reach the studio what a nice set up she has and tonight Michelle had artist Davina Frederick showing her abstracts. the color and lighting suited them well. Contact her at  here’s a view  

Finally found Robin in front of Peaceful Intentions Spa, she had several large pieces and smaller ones too, this was not a venue she normally does, but was helping out when asked. Robin has a international following and I feel very happy to say we will be having an exhibit together at the University club in February, her pieces always are always very calming and reflective of Robin’s nature it seems.   

Visit her Etsy store via her main link at — We chatted for a while and I stopped inside the crowded spa and enjoyed a wonderful  spinach in a pastry.  The spa was filled to capacity with people, in and out — that door did not stay shut for a full minute. They offer quite a few services, facial, tanning, all the Spa kind of amenities and products too.   Right next to Robin was a man playing the steel drum which made you want to dance like you were on vacation, Robin’s abstract seemed perfect in accompaniment.  

A young girl and her mother made for a nice photo-op   Robin also had a couple of her crow cut outs hanging up, they swayed to the rhythm of the steel drum.  

at the end of the store were two people representing an animal sanctuary called Journey’s End, they had a pet rescue in Deland.   These people always have such big hearts, go to their website and have a look, maybe there is an animal to compliment your family. adopt adopt adopt if you can, if not, contribute.

Finally turned around and made my way back toward the truck.  A young woman was busy painting away, her name was Natasha Brockman and she even posed for me,    Natasha does contemporary abstract, tattoo design and photography. catch her at

Delanos was busy as usual,  and the moon was beginning to beam through the soft veil of pinkish clouds   – On the home front, had the crane family come and scream good morning in my ear,     They then went to the lake and groomed      , giving away feathers and I gladly took it.

noticed a funny dragonfly  doing a handstand.  worked on a couple pieces for the new exhibit, but color was so much fun to work with, am not sure of which I liked best, here’s a few examples:

and a few new ones  

Enough, that’s too many hours spent in front of computer – but that’s the breakdown. Will find out more about this tomorrow and check out my art submission blog (I could not get my link working either)  will let you know when more of these venues will appear.

Back home to matzah ball soup   and apple pie with ready whip, gotta have the real stuff! If I’m going to be fat, it is with precise care that I choose the instruments of the devil!     I leave you with another bird bath