Yesterday was the University Club reception and it went well, we had a good sized turn out and lots of compliments. I have to thank all the Gateway Photo group members for supplying wonderful photography to compliment! Mary brought a terrific assortment of wine, Denise was crucial to doing our cards and a great help with setting up and breaking it back down, as was Suzie who came totally prepared with plastic baggies and bowls and a huge heart as she whirled around getting things accomplished.  Our always smiling George brought home made brownies and he even had two pieces of work by Joan Sandler to give away during a raffle.   John,  who along with George were so wonderful about hanging this show,  listens patiently to all our questions and is most logical in answering and explaining these camera related inquiries. He has also been the host for the meetings while Diane pranced around Paris enjoying a long photo vacation, said she took over 8000 photos and can’t even look at them yet, it’s just too overwhelming. Angela came after getting off a plane yesterday so we were glad she was able to jet lag it over. we missed Marlene and Joan, but the work remains up for another few weeks. Now back to herding the new group for the next exhibit on the 25th at The White Cup, it’s all about ‘critters.”-

Thanks so much to all who came to be happy for us, it was such a treat to see my buddy Pam Z Daum who does gorgeous infrared photography and had been to New Mexico learning new techniques at a workshop, She is now showing her photos associated with her stay at the Maitland library.

a big shout out to “Hershal Walker” Feinberg, we have always enjoyed your company, glad you could come over from work. Andrea and Lee, thanks for stopping by to support Mom, it meant alot, these kids do so much for me. Andea when you walk into a room anywhere, the place just beams.   And a special thanks to my Adam for all the lugging and helping he always does, what a wonderful soul he is and what patience he has.    It’s funny, I didn’t have time to take photos really, just pulled in so many directions, there are some pics from an earlier blog so have a look a few posts back.

Today was an errand day, but before I ran out, I worked a few photos yesterday for upcoming Feb. exhibit.  .
I was watching a pair of yellow butterflies flying by and ran out to try and capture their image, and looked as they escaped over the fence, but what was at the firebush below the fenceline was a hummingbird, I was stunned and tried to hurry and take some photos quickly. I never had time to use the telephoto, that bird was all over the place, but here are some attempts.

It was so exciting that I knew I had to work a trip to Lucas Nursery in between errands to buy another firebush. so off I went.  I enjoy looking over Lake Jesup trying to spot alligators, none I could see.   No luck, but I purposely took my camera and was going to take photos and pulled it over the seat to take a photo of the lake and found my camera had no internal space, whoops, I left my memory card in the computer! So when I got off the 417, I spotted a place and bought the cheapest card they had. Already the trip cost me $14 between toll and card and I hadn’t bought the plants.   I will keep that spare Scandisk in a case inside my purse from now on, at least  now I have a spare.

It was hotter than Hell, I tried to find places of shade beneath trees and inside buildings.  It’ a beautiful nursery and has everything you need to make your space an oasis. I had a wonderful time taking lots of photos, here’s a few;   the concrete  had plant impressions.   They had the worlds, “largest” wind chimes and it sounded wonderfully reminiscent of Sunday church bells ringing. I stood in awe absorbing, it took me back to the fifties and early sixties reminding me of the days when those bells rang out and filled  Sunday mornings – what a sentimental and pathe’tique sound it was. wonder why they outlawed the bells? Noise pollution?

One never hears them anymore. Even though I am not a ‘believer’, it was a solid tone,  one that made you pay attention. Sometimes they rang out at different occasions, for weddings and funerals, chiming the phases of life really. The bells seemed to peal and give those Sunday mornings meaning. Standing there it flushed out the audible memory of long ago Sundays. And for us, all the Jewish kids on our block, (and there were a lot of us on our block), Sunday  meant “Jew school”. There were no sonorous bells that chimed  from our Temple, there was an obnoxiously rude buzzer that sounded each time a class ended. Being Reform Jews, ‘liberal’ so to speak, in comparison with the other two branches, we didn’t have to spend much time at our services or even in classroom time, we didn’t have to wear those yalmukes as the Conservatives and Orthodox Jews, no, all of us kids in our carpool were so ‘reformed’ we didn’t see why this religion stuff was necessary and we complained about having to go to boring old Sunday school. Come Sunday morning we looked to see who was in the backseat of the carpool and were jealous at who had acted so well, they remained at home watching cartoons and Polka Variety. It didn’t matter that we had gone out and had fun at Shoney’s Big Boy, or Swensons after going to the Highland Theatre the night before, upon being wakened on Sunday, we all pulled the ‘sick card’, we groaned, we coughed, we put heating pads to our little foreheads, we complained of stomach aches and sore throats as long and as hard as ‘Portney’, but still, our folks wanted us out of the house for at least a few hours of peace. But getting back to the point, we had our own “church bell”, it was  Cantor Rose. I think they said he was trained in opera, his voice was solid honey, he could sing Hebrew so “bel canto” it sounded like a Puccini performance each time the cantor opened his mouth and let loose. And since I have not been back inside any Temple since 1990 when my grandfather passed, I guess I had not even thought about either the sound of church bells nor a cantor virtuoso until I stood reverently in the shade of this sweltering afternoon at this ‘giving’ tree where the wind blew memories and basso profundo causing those long long tubes to clash into .   each other in a joyous harmony.  Now I wonder, was there a bench there? Because I could have sat and listened to the wind make her music for a while if there had been less heat engulfing me.

The butterfly encounter is nice, but have done it before, didn’t feel like padding my bill any further.   the gift shop always has beautiful things to sway the eye. I did buy a little gift for a shower. and the pressed on;

– ut oh, the monsters invade!

and finally,  I overheated and bought two dwarf firebush and came home   passing Lake Jesop, and another $2 for the swiftness of using the toll road, but it is fast, only takes about 15 minutes each way – very little traffic.

I planted the bushes where I could see their progress and even went down to the lake to get water to hydrate them. Now, who knows, maybe later in September they will be budding and I will see humming birds and more butterflies, though the butterflies have been so very busy the past weeks.

the osprey were very busy overhead, flying and flying with the winds currents.  There were three circling circling, “turning turning in a widening gyre” – as if joy riding on the back of the bristling wind.   Screaming in that high pitched voice over the lake knowing how it would echo.  I went inside and sat down, oh, the hot air took the wind out of my sails, I envied those birds.

and last of all, here’s some Lucas Nursery tips on butterfly/hummingbird  gardening

A shout out to Richard for being the catalyst into learning about birds and native plants –  he is one of the coolest guys ever! Thank you Dr. Poole!

And when I win the lottery and move to my big home on the big lake, my yard will be a luxurious oasis for butterflies, hummers and birds, oh wait, I have a scaled back version of it now, so much for needing the dream, I am lucky enough to live it! Now do something to bring pleasure into your life for the day, read a poem out loud, write a poem, call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, light a candle, or sit down and close your eyes, think of a sweet memory and smile – as Ren and Stimpy would always say,

Happy Happy Joy Joy         thank you my darling Andrea for that little heart shape gift…