That’s my new site for selling art – though it does not pull up yet, it gives me some sexy T & A site. that’s a pain if someone wants to find my art and all they get is ‘babes’ adult website, one more thing to deal with on the internet. I am so busy not trying to market market market because of all these overwhelming details, I still need a website to display my work, a legit one, so here I go again, resisting resisting. AWK! I have created a monster in myself thinking there was a method to my madness until I looked for an old password for a site I was signed up to long ago. See that photo that photo represents all the postcards with changed passwords in the past 3 years, 6 email addresses, numerous blogs and tons of sites that require emails and passwords, now if this isn’t insanity, what is? I could change everything to one password, except maybe banking and paypal, but it sure does become overwhelming. So this morning when I got to my desk and saw Frankie has essentially knocked half the contents off, I figured my cat shaman was doing a form of ‘feline-omancy’, and what ever fell was unimportant – screw it! I should be out shooting photos, and yet here I am still umbilically logged on!
Have many up coming art venues, Alive AFter 5 tonight, tomorrow is opening for Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson at the Maitland Art Center, also Rhapsodic Bakery downtown at same times, then Sunday is our reception at the University Club in Winter Park. I am excited for the people who have never shown in an art venue before, they will acquire the ‘fever’. Trying to juggle ten photographers, 3 events and receptions and try and find my own places to show has been challenging for sure.
There is always something to do, always a bill to pay, always a discount cup printer and card maker to find, or something to look up, I am wasting away in front of computerville – I could see it when I looked into Frankie’s eyes and saw the remnants of blue off the computer screen, they told me everything.
So screw it, that means I should be out taking photos today – I am the master of my destiny, so how come I keep sabotaging the boat? I admit it, I might need organization, or Ridlin? Anyway, I’ll leave you with recent photos just to leave a taste of the love I have for my local favorites – enjoy the view from
Beyond the pane, umm, maybe another blog??????????????????????????
it started when my neighbor Kim brought over gorgeous cherries and plums, the plums looked so picturesque, I had to show off their beauty, but of course I had to bring some humor to what looked like butt cracks.

I’m getting so many butterflies, it looks like butterfly mating season out there. I am including some older photos just to emphasize my point. and of course my birds;
what was fun about this dove was that it was so excited to feel the water, it would lift it’s wings and try and submerge them in the shallow water –
I leave you for the day with this video