Today was the time to put up the Gateway Center For the Art’s Photography group exhibit, “Saturated Sunshine” at the University club of Winter Park. Whew, what a mouthful! I left the house at 12:30 stopping by the Maitland Library to see what I thought was my friend,  Pam Z. Daum’s work, but she was not up yet, next month. I was happy to see my old friends at the WCAFL, Womans Caucus for Art were exhibiting, so I snapped a few pics and enjoyed their themed show, “Literal Images”.   They have quite a group of imaginative artists using every technique imaginable!

Stopped by the lake Lily and took some pics of my favorite ducks  who roost along the bank..   Moorhen ‘tweaked’ a bit.   This little guy was blind in it’s right eye.  

a bit of fun with a grackle.

Onto the U Club to meet my photographers, Mary Balanda, Suzie Darby, Angela Harkavy, George Melendez, John Todd, Diane Miller, Denise Reck,  Joan Sandler and Marlene Rimensberger. They came and filled the walls with wonderful examples of their work. The guys did not mind one bit being bossed around hanging and then moving stuff. It was the first time I have not been on a ladder to hang and can honestly say it was a pleasure having both George and John going up and down that ladder countless times. They could hire themselves out as professional picture hangers!

John has three very energetic pieces,  you must see his shuttle launch – what an eye! I love the use of photography on canvas, both he and Diane with her beautiful detailed flowers and her garden scene show options of putting photography on a canvas background. Denise’s pieces add her own interesting touch and color,  her eye is developing well and we hope to see more of her work in the future. We thank her profusely for doing our tags –thanks again Denise! The backbone behind any group are the volunteers doing the detailed work

Mary, Joan,  Marlene, George, Angela and Suzie have all brought their own vision through sky and water, boats, scenery, color and black and white. There are so many ways to manipulate photography it is wonderful and can drive you loony with all the options and programs now available and yet there are many photos that don’t need anything at all and are best left alone, we have those too.       Together, all of us have contributed to this exhibit to bring you an amalgam of digital photography that is our state, (literally and figuratively). The show will be up for a month. Here’s a tiny peak at a few of our pieces, come have a look at all of them;

Diane Miller    George Melendez shows an antique buggy, he has many styles.

Marlene Rimensberger, love those fish!  Denise Reck’s Hickory Bluff was intriguing.

Two perspectives on same subject by Joan Sandler and John Todd, (Joan won an award for her shot and no, it’s not your eyes, the photo I took was blurry, what does that say about my own skills?)  Angela has a wonderful calming presence about her and her work,  a mysterious  flower. Mary’s soothing subject of patterned sand was quite serene and thought provoking.         As for me, I have a few to show you.   Suzie’s tranquil beach scenes are healing. all must be seen up close to be appreciated.

There is much more! This is an exhibit honoring the beauty of Florida, so come out and see through our eyes. Visit our exhibit until Sept. 28th during business hours at the University Club of Winter Park, 841 N. Park Ave.  Reception is September 12, from 2-4pm.

below —

A photo of the smaller room and getting the pictures in the right place can be a daunting task, Diane Miller, the President of our photo group has hung many shows before and had a good vibe for getting this wall with just the right mix. She has seen the numbers double in her almost year of being ‘leader’. A few of the people in our show are joint members with the Orlando Camera Club. There is a lot of experience within our own group. I still am learning so much by listening to our members about programs and equipment being used.  The Gateway’s photo group gets better all the time with our discussions and speakers. Come join us,

listening in on the experts. I am fortunate indeed to be always surrounded by a wealth of terrific people who just happen to be so talented and knowledgeable. I must also send bouquets of thanks to Nita and  Daphne who are such a force behind the University Club and these exhibitions, it’s wonderful to have venues like this.

and now it is 5 hours later and about time to assess the moon, I have been enjoying it’s light the past three nights with the clouds and fullness – go out and have a look for yourself  

Remember too, if you are young or old, a camera is a mirror to life’s stages.