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Normally I would have some of my backyard photos on here, but this topic needs more attention – they say that possibly as many as 200,000 gallons a day of oil are spewing into the Gulf. It makes me sick, it makes me shiver at the thought of our shorelines littered with oil globs and dying birds and tides bringing in tons of affected sea life.
Why do I feel like the efforts to stop the leak are just kind of half assed, learn as you go – non priority? Our water is our life source, it is an industry. To see the over head shots of oil rampaging through the Gulf and to think you can see it by satellite is frightening!
Why was there no real plan in place to begin with for these leaks? When these jerks say “Drill baby drill” that should exclude our oceans, they are too precious and now that we see what can happen when we get greedy, Let’s keep the water off limits for drilling! What is wrong with our society when we can’t gather the great minds to figure on alternative energy sources for the good of our country, for the good of our earth! Our planet is what sustains us and if we pollute it enough, goodbye life as we know it!  I feel this sense great sense of urgency- do you?
The Gulf being polluted is going to have a deep financial impact: the fishing industry, the resorts, the economy besides the creatures of the sea. I think of my son Aaron who like so many others loves to venture out in the Gulf and fish the day away – well guess what, fish while you can because it might be years before the sea is fishable at the rate the oil is leaking.
I leave you with the images and links off the internet that should shock you and make you sick, sick enough to contact our slacker Senators and Representatives and our President. Why is this not considered a national disaster and treated as such? BP, Halliburton, they blame each other while oil gushes and pollutes – something tells me the ramifications will be much worse than what we are told. Obama should be speaking about this each day until the leak stops – am I being just anxious for being so outraged?  Below are links, some cut and paste to educate yourself. This is devastating and gets worse and worse each day, it’s almost ironic that the greed of man might be what costs us our Gulf water, AND we luckily have no hurricane churning things up in the water, YET, what happens if that oil still has not been rounded up? SAVE OUR PLANET AND THE ENVIRONMENT NOW!!! (Quit letting the lobbyists dictate what is best for our energy needs, look where it has gotten us!!!)
You can track the oil spill at NOAA —   (cut and paste),0,7154225.story