It’s my birthday! Thank you very much, but why bother celebrating being old? Let’s just move on – I decided to go visit the Sanford zoo and look for crows as they are always there waiting for discarded food at the concession stand. I want to take more for the art exhibit I am trying to get together for the upcoming Seminole Community College submissions for 2010 and to submit as a proposal for some other galleries.
I first looked for Carbs and threw him some seed.  DSC00630res Then headed on to Sanford Zoo only about 5 miles away. The sky was really overcast, threatened to rain, but figured I’d take my chances.  The Zoo was quiet, they are gearing up for a Grand Opening for the obstacle course with low and high, tree level walkways. I wonder how long that will last till they have an accident and the liability will end that.  100_3663res

The Zoo itself was quiet as the kids are back in school. I came first to a red shoulder hawk on display. DSC00562res After that I headed toward the concession stand and nada, nothing, no birds anywhere! So I moved on to where they were feeding the iguana.
DSC00566res The alligators head was so close to the wall, I couldn’t even take it, so I took his knobby body. 82609alligatorback-1res I passed up on the snake room this time as the sky was darkening and thunder could be heard and I am handling metal. I went to visit the cats and Maude and Mary the old Asian elephants.
The cats were all sound asleep. DSC00580res Except the leopards who were panting away like last time, poor jail birds.  DSC00594res The monkeys were also sound asleep, not one was moving! On to the elephants.  82609trunkup-1res, Maud or Mary, whichever it was was posing nicely. Then she took a massive leak. elephanttakingaleak-1res

And it kept going and going  — 82609peeingelephant-1res

I then wandered on to the butterfly garden,  100_3661res So much of the zoo is built around a natural setting which makes it such a treasure. It is not manufactured like other zoos. The bad part is the cats and elephants, they need a lot more room.  100_3647res

100_3654res 100_3665res The natural flow of water is also a bonus with all the streams hidden among the cages and exhibits.
I made my way to the cheetahs,  100_3656leopardres DSC00602res
One of the cheetahs kept pacing and pacing. he looked so bored.  Finally I saw some grackles at a little pond across from the emus.  DSC00614res The birds frolicked and had fun dipping in the water. I took a good amount and then hurried through a few more paths of animal cages.  82609zoogoat-1res
DSC00619res And the sky looked and sounded like it might open up so I hurried out. On the way back home right outside the zoo was a wild turkey, but I was driving and could not stop to take the photo. I did see a rooster by a house and no one was coming so I pulled over and took it’s picture, 82609roostercloseup-3res – it was quite handsome!
And that’s how my day has gone.  I came back and had more birds in bird bath and eating at feeders. Love sitting and getting side-tracked at my desk.  82609birdbath-1res That’s a mocking bird shaking off the water. And so far, that’s the day. I really love that being this age has brought a real passion for taking pictures. I feel that is me, I can’t even imagine not having a day without a photo!  Thanks to Lee and Andrea for our sushi dinner last night and to Adam who gave the family Journey tickets next month. I’m excited to see that new guy who sings like Steve Perry.

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