After 4 years of having droughts and very few storms, we are finally back to normal. Back to having the sky change it’s face in the afternoon. 008res

The heat becomes a slow southern burn and the clouds decide to ban together and grow dark and scary. 100_2835res It’s been wonderful having the rain. The lake is coming up nicely and everything is green and fresh and humid, oh the humidity. You open the door to go out and immediately your hair crimps up like the Bride of Frankenstein.  Today I had almost finished mowing when the sky looked a bit crabby so I came in and watched with Ringo.

The lightning
8709ringo-1res flashed across the lake.

The lightning was flashing in front of me as I filmed from the porch. Look for lightning bolt in that big cloud around the middle of the film.  The rain poured down and about a half hour later, it’s about all rained out, in fact. It now looks like fishing time…
Okay, I’m back – the fishing sucked. But at least there were nibbles. Here are some familiar faces that always surface and bug me.