I was at the computer when I looked out and watched cardinal grabbing berries off a branch of a bush.  73009cardinal&berry-1res

So I decided to wander the yard and see if any photo-ops presented themselves.  The  ducks were waddling around,   73009BOBsandPeking-1res
the dragonflies were stopping close by,  73009dragonfly-2res 73009bluedragonfly-1res
and even a skink came out to sun on the stump of the pine behind the hibiscus-  DSC06147res – I noticed my meyer lemon bush is getting filled with green lemons slowly ripening, 73009lemon-1res
bird of paradise had emerged  DSC06920res but the best of it was when I looked over and thought I saw a hummingbird and it was! A little beauty that was going way too fast, but did get a couple lousy photos ,
73009hummer-1res But it was a real exciting nature encounter! I was so excited that I ran to grab my old hummingbord feeder, got some hummingbird food in it and ran out the door and tripped, the feeder flew out of my hand and fell and broke a seam on the side and all the juice leaked out. I grabbed the keys and ran to Walmart, I needed a few thingsanyway. I bought a glass feeder and filled that and now I have a hummingbird corner.  73009firebush-1res So now I keep looking over waiting and waiting to see one show up – jeeze, I hope it won’t take 4 more years!!!  And a big shout out to Richard and Christine for supplying that firebush that brought the hummer over the fence – A BIG BIG thanks!!!