Today was a scheduled maintenance for pumping the septic. Last time I had it done 4 years ago it cost $185. Now, it’s at $230 and that was the cheapest company I could find.
$230? That means crap is worth about the same price as an ounce of gold when you consider it took less then 20 minutes to empty.
They come and look for your tank, and dig around it to open it. I have a ‘slider’ or sectional, it slides open. They didn’t open it as far as the last company.  pumpingseptic1res When they finished, they made me flush all the toilets and gave me the okay. So hopefully that is it for
the septic until another 4 years. I wish they were on public sewer around here. At one point they tried to get all the lake owners to get on public sewer and no one wanted to pay the cost of doing it. It really would have been so much healthier for the lake considering all the sludge is traveling toward the lake in the drainfields on these lakefront homes.
They finish pumping and then slide the section tight and cover it all back again with the dirt they had removed to get to it. It will be a big mud pile this afternoon when the rains come.
The heron came this morning, DSC06224res but quickly flew off when the septic truck pulled up. DSC06225res

The heat is horrible, supposed to feel once again over 100 degrees.
I can see the woodpecker is busy feeding a very noisy crew inside the one tree stump. Tomorrow I will do a more palatable subject…