WOW! I have had trees removed years ago, but I was impressed today! My neighbor had SAIASI TUIKABA Tree Service (phone # 321-422-9994) come to take down 2 dangerous looking pines. These weren’t just small pines, they had to be over 100 feet tall. The crane operator pulled up and maneuvered through to the backyard and they successfully avoided all the flowers on the property. crane1resw
They extended the boom and the climber got on the ball and away he went to the top of the pine that is only feet from Kim’s house. landsintree3res

Way up at the top, he tightly bound the straps to the tree and lowered himself to go for the cut. Once he made his notches with the chain saw, the tree was lifted away by the crane. firsttree4
firsttree6res firsttree7res_edited-1 firsttree8res

firsttree9res Then of course, after the crane lifted it very carefully and expertly over the house, it was put down and two more sections were cut and belted and in a matter of 45 minutes, that tree was just a stump to be ground. The second tree was just as smooth, I was a bit closer on that one. This 6′ plus guy was power lifted again.
2ndtree-1res 2ndtree-2res 2ndtree4res

2ndtree5res 2ndtreeresize Again he followed the same steps, knew where to notch and the crane operator was right in lock step with the climber. It was flawless.  Each tree was cut into 3 sections. They lowered each section to the ground and another man began the task of dismantling the limbs. There is still quite a lot of tree to be cut into log pieces.
We neighbors watching on the ground all felt like applauding after the ballet between the coordination of the crane operator and the climber. And look closely at the photos, it’s like finding Waldo up there — he looks so small.  I didn’t use the longer telephoto because I wanted to get better perspective using the shorter lens. But one thing for sure, this tree service was completely professional and fast.  They will begin clean up tomorrow.
Some of the neighbors like keeping all their trees. They feel if the tree goes down during these storms and hurricanes, , well, that’s what nature does sometimes and that’s why we have insurance.  Not me, I saw the houses around here where these huge pines had fallen right through roofs and luckily no one was killed. But why not do a preventative maintenance? It makes you feel so much more secure when you know that a ton of tree won’t come through your ceiling while you wait out a hurricane.

For you tree huggers, we here in Florida get trees coming up wild all over our property. I had 7 trees removed 3 years ago and now have many new trees coming up to take their places, (no more pines ever.) We have the option to buy another tree of some type if you want to replace the pines.  I have lots of new crepe myrtles,  camphors that I love, but are not native. And I planted a red maple and lemon tree near the lake.  Those of you who love trees, but frown on taking healthy trees off your property, I am glad you are braver than I am through the hurricanes. I love trees too, but when these weapons of mass destruction wave their weighted boughs over your house with the raging wind, and the rain saturates the roots making them weaker,  then to me it’s a no brainer,  put more trust in you doing the right thing — sometimes Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor…    P/S – Must make mention of another very effective  and competent and caring tree Service, Davey Tree Service – they also do mowing.  (407) 331-8020 – call and ask for Chuck Daum-  Davey was kind enough to donate their services to the Audubon society this past June:
MAITLAND, Fla. — …A local tree service pitched in to help the Audubon Society on Monday.

The chainsaws were roaring out front while the bald eagles calmly perched in the back.The Audubon Birds of Prey Center is a champion when it comes to the rescue and rehab of Florida’s feathered hunters, but tree-trimming work is not part of its expertise.At about a month into hurricane season, clearing out vulnerable trees and branches is important.”We have all native plants and very old oak trees on our property, so it helps us to be prepared,” Katie Warner of the Audobon Society said.”Couldn’t think of a better organization to support,” Chuck Daum said.Daum, a manager with Davey Tree Service is an Audubon member. After he saw tree trimming in the organization’s newsletter as a wish list item, his company donated a crew for the day.”Some of the groups don’t have the budget to do this kind of work, so it was a perfect fit. I’m looking forward to making it an annual event,” Daum said.