Ran around getting ready for art ventures today. Outside it has gone from feeling comfortable to feeling like the Sahara desert in a matter of 6 days, It was 96 degrees two days ago and today was 94. No rain in over a month and the lake continues to evaporate. My second meter is now rearing it’s ugly wooden head.  Everyday I am filling the bird bath only to have the thirsty sun drain it by nightfall!  There was not much wildlife around here today, it’s like the heat had made all the birds and critters stay somewhere else in the shade.  I did see one vulture standing around by the side of the road looking perplexed.  vulture51109-1_editedEverything around looks parched and confused as we all breathe in the smokey, hazy air hanging over us from all the wildfires burning around the state.  Even tonight before I was going to fish, I saw a funny sight.. 51109church&raccoon_editedChurch and a raccoon stood a couple feet apart and Church was giving it the “Pet Cemetery” stare down. The raccoon left. It has to be the weather. We are left once again ‘rainless’ with burnt lawns. You can tell the people around here who violate the ‘watering restrictions’, they are the ones with the green lawns, while the rest of us who adhere to the restrictions have no grass.
Tampa was much the same as Orlando. They have not had rain on over a month either.  The pond behind my son’s townhouse was a couple feet down since the last I had been there.
When I was visiting, we stopped at the Tampa Hard Rock Cafe.  The place was packed last Saturday and everyone around looked to be about my age. So you ask, what was everyone doing? Was it a concert? A speaker? Lecture? No! It was gambling! All the baby boomers and seniors are sitting around gambling away their social security. What can they lose when they hardly have anything in their stock portfolios? I was amazed at all the people sitting at the slot machines putting in quarters and dollar bills one right after the other losing losing losing.  DSC06873

Aaron and I walked around looking at the walls covered in rock icon photos, paintings and rock guitars. The place was room after room of slot machines, black jack, poker tables, expensive poker tables, and more and more. People were smoking and concentrating.  The smoke inside was as bad as it was outside!  And it is quite dark and cold. hardrockedit-1 But the beauty was the guitars and artwork all over the walls. DSC06860edit DSC06878edit DSC06863edit DSC06876edit
We had a nice stroll around, looking at the indian themed gift shop with faux coon skin caps, and real alligator stuffed heads with their mouths gapping.
We didn’t stay too long, didn’t even try a slot machine. I have never been to Vegas so I suppose it is more of the same only on a much grander scale out west.  In Orlando at the Hard Rock they have music venues all the time.  I can see the Tampa Hard Rock doesn’t need the music except for the “ca-ching” that the coins make hitting the slots and the noise of the screen as it tumbles with different fruit that does not seem to match up often.
Later we went home and watched big time wrestling,  bella&sashaA-1edit bella&sashaB1edit

And went through fishing gear while  Aaron cooked us lobster tails for dinner. I was still perplexed that all those people my age and older would sit for hours upon hours and throw away money into those machines. “All the lonely people, where do they all come from…” Paul McCartney was way ahead of his time. It seems all the lonely people come from the casinos, (then go home and return the next day to try and win their money back again.)  Not me, give me the camera and a branch with a bird, a cool sunset, or a lizard, and the wonders of things to take a photo of and one can never be lonely, I guess everyone has their own cure….