The heron family is rather perplexing. The babies are still living with the folks even though they are able to fly. The question is why? A few days ago they seemed to be gone and the parents were up there alone and were actively searching for them amongst the branches of their tree. There was no noise and when the babies are up there, there is plenty of prehistoric noise emanating from that nest. heronlookingforkidsresize

father in nest looking for kids

Normally the babies fledge, or learn to fly at 2 months, the two up in the nest have been there for  3 months and show no sign of wanting to leave. Why should they? They eat well and have good company and shelter. They are also huge.  dsc02363-resizwWay too big for the nest itself.


Usually they herons breed in colonies. I have been here 5 years almost and the babies seem to leave and don’t come back. We are still lucky that we do have this couple that likes being here year after year. Maybe the new inhabitants will start a colony close by since they like it here. Maybe it’s because the mother feeds them so well? haha

dsc02607-resize But, why ponder? My female crane is walking up to go fishing – she will be near my door soon looking for me to get my rods. I’d ask her if she feels it a burden having the kids at home, but she doesn’t like to talk when we are fishing…