sunrise41309-8x10 This morning the sun woke up angry and red!  The camera and I saw two different faces. When I came out after feeding the birds and got the camera, it had softened, but the sky was dramatic with all the clouds and in that photo, it looked like that plane was taking off from the sun.

41309bee-1resize Yesterday I noticed that all these little purple flowers were blooming near the lake and I had lots and lots of honey bees. Maybe the bees are coming back. Just last year they said we had lost millions of bees. Well, if people don’t mow and get little purple flowers, the bees will ‘bee’ back, I can guarantee it! Umm, what does it take to be a bee keeper? I could have honey and I love honey – have it every morning! Maybe I will look into that.

41109frankiesideview-1_edited-1 Sometimes I just get the feeling that Frankie is tuned into a world far beyond. That perhaps in another life she was an Egyptian princess.

It’s still early yet. They say a big rain is coming tomorrow. If the sun is right, then the rain will be coming, (red in the morning…)  The woodpecker is looking out of his hole. The baby herons are looking over the lake from the nest, and the birds are singing away for free. Will see what is new and exciting….later