I left this morning and the baby was still in the pine.

I came home around 2pm and he was gone. I looked all over and did not see it anywhere. The only heron I saw up in the old nest was one of the parents, but there is one other sibling I think I hear.  So in a perfect case scenerio, it got hungry, jumped down and walked to the lake and ate lots of fish. Then went somewhere in private to figure out how to use it’s wings.  And how I can relate to that. I went to a camera group meeting tonight where they were learning about different lighting. I took a note pad and pen and my sony and was ready to write down the secrets of doing photography with studio lighting. When I got there (late I have to admit because I was fishing), all kinds of different lighting equipment was set up to take photos. The group members there were all in action mode – they are all quite professional with their cameras and knew what the heck to do and I felt like the heron, I wanted to climb a tree and sit and watch below because these people are serious and fast and furious and I could not keep up with their pace! Plus I didn’t know how the different ISO’s and f-stops worked and I kept fiddling around using different settings and I got my usual weird take  on a photo shoot.
pica dsc00596


pictwo_edited-1 I hope I’m not in trouble for using the photos without getting model releases!  (And I apologize if anyone is offended and they can tell me and I will remove their images.) These people are all very nice and obviously dedicated to their craft.  I saw glimpses of their photos and all were done so well within the lighting parameters, I sucked and felt like heading for the tree, retreating to taking pictures of animals in daylight. So I did the next best thing. I got to be the model, that way I could cop out and not have to pretend I knew what I was doing – Yes that was a total cop out –like that baby heron, you run for the place of safety, (not that being a model has any safety, I saw some of the photos taken of me and wondered who the hell was that old person sitting there, in fact that lighting didn’t flatter me at all.) Now I will just have to get online and watch some videos about the cameras details. I know I could have asked anyone there to help, but they were all very into their shots I didn’t want to bother.
Back to the story, the baby heron is missing, no egg was hatched and I didn’t accomplish anything with my camera tonight. The best part was a woman who said she read my blog and liked it, that gave me some props up to come home and finish todays’  blog. Oh well,  good or bad with the camera I guess people can relate to my take on nature, be it baby herons who flap their wings and just fall down, or a silly human lady who tries to use a dslr camera under complicated lighting and makes funny faces on print literally! The heron and I are both just flesh, (and feathered), and blood and a little stunted in our flights of fancy…