100_0333 When I arrived at the nest this morning, Papa crane was in the water looking bored. The egg sat alone and Mama crane was gone. The male seemed quite annoyed and after about five minutes, he started screaming for his mate. She would scream back at him and I bet they were not but a few hundred feet apart.

100_0338He was very anxious for the female to get there. And when she appeared, he flew off fast toward the south.

100_0366 She rotated the egg and then sat down


The male looked like he had had enough today, sick of babysitting the egg. I saw two snakes near the lake, black racers that were too quick to photograph. I must talk a walking stick down there as I am afraid a mocassin might intrude and scare me – or worse yet, bite me!  On my way out I found a bee, we used to call them queen bees, they are fat and annoying.

and at last, the shuttle launch


Lots of things in the sky and on the ground, the launch was beautiful, The shuttle flew like spectacular comet, and I caught nothing for the heron except this photo.31409ringoherona-2_edited-1