Found it! I had to go on a hunt, but found the nest and papa was sitting on the eggs. He was sitting very proudly on his future family. His nest is nicely built up, but in very easy access to a boater. Luckily the water level is falling and the lily pads so abundant, I am hoping for the next 20+ days that no boaters come by to disturb the nest. My neighbor and I watched for a while as the Papa sat like Horton on those eggs. He was ever vigilant. Finally the mama crane came back to the nest

She walked up and the father crane stood up  3509malemoveseggs-1and

could see there were two distinct eggs which he moved

around a bit.

3509femalecamouflage Finally mama crane switched places and sat down on the nest. She really blends in with that rusty coloration. It is always a pleasure to have these birds close by and watch the progress of the family. By my calculations we should see some hatching around the 25th-26th of March. So stay tuned….