She’s nesting all right, but I can’t find where. The male, Papa crane has been coming here alone for 3 days. I see him all by himself at least 3 times a day. I want to follow him, but don’t want to go marching through the neighbors yards as he wanders.  dsc00450

Carbs the duck is still here with his ever visiting harem. Those Pekin ducks are adorable, I keep waiting to hear them say AFLAC.  This morning there was a feeding frenzy at the stump, lots of blackbirds, then the crane, then the ducks and cats,  dsc004821

There is certainly a ‘pecking’ order, or ‘clicks’, (or “clucks”)  around here. Sometimes the ducks are mingling with the coots, sometimes they are near the crane or heron, though both the crane and heron have no use for the ducks and chase them off if they get too close. The cats don’t bother the ducks either. This morning that funny male Muscovy was here, well, as I look out, he is still flirting among the girls.  dsc00487

Last nights fishing got too cold with the northeast wind blowing over the lake. The sky had a fish-scale pattern to it.  dsc00437 And there were heron wars again – the larger heron came down, but my smaller heron did not put up with it! Will blog about that with photos tomorrow. As for today, it is gorgeous and sunny and a perfect day for nature photography, ummm, where to go….