I am here in Tampa spending however many days I feel like spending. There is always fun to be had with my oldest son and his girlfriend. In fact, I have met my latest grand-kitty Sasha, sashaedit-1

She is a chinchilla type persian wih big bubbly green eyes and absolutely so friendly. And she and Bella get along fine! though Bella does try and protect me from the cat every so often growling at the kitten if she gets too near to where I am sitting. bellasasha My son is totally smitten over this kitten!

he is also crazy about his fish tank and we had to go to LifeOceanic and take a look which resulted in the purchase of 3 fish, well, two and a lobster tail!  He bought a larger puffer fish, 2puffersnow there are two, though at first the small one kept trying to take a few bites out of the new arrival, but he finally calmed down and now they swim near each other. He bought a damsel that is wonderfully neon, but swims too fast to take a photo of and also a lobster, a spanish variety that looks like a giant cockroach and scurries about looking for places to hide. the-spanishlobster The fishtank is a wonderful adventure in itself, and I am hoping we might be tourists today and go check out the Tampa Aquarium. I want to see the big picture.
Meanwhile, yesterday when we were out doing real estate stuff, we saw gators in retention ponds and I had no camera with me, bummer.  But we did go by the gulf of Mexico near the ports and watch the shrimp boats roll in and see the vast ship yards with boats big as football fields.  Life is busy in this city, the roads are packed. Tampa is not a place where I would like to live even though the Gulf of Mexico is beautiful.  I am still sticking to my home base for now.  Roger – over and out – hope to have touristy pics later or tomorrow…