I heard that Judy’s Pet Rescue had moved to Sanford and wanted to see how they looked. 100_5055 Judy

Sarullo has beem involved with animal rescues for eight years and has been on television with her pleas for adopting animals. Now she has a wonderful roomy home for her strays. It’s a very nice and caring place. The cat room was meowing 100_5043 with cats wanting me to take them home. Actually, they all looked quite satisfied with the surroundings. Not all cats are allowed to occupy that room as some are not quite so social and remained in their clean cages. But some of those faces haunt you –dsc05441 — they are just so cute dsc05442. They also have lots of kennel space with large dogs needing homes. They had rescued a lot of puppies that looked quite young and needed at least a month or more before they were going anywhere. But my favorite was the “house dog” – it’s face was adorable and he sat and posed for me – honest! dsc05454 This little guy was a love and about the size of Ringo my 17lb. cat. Anyone looking for a dog that really loved people, this is it! I wished I could have taken him home, but my 4 old cats might oust me.  So if you are looking for a pet, please please please, explore the local rescue and shelters. These people are so dedicated to their cause and they love the animals they rescue. I have met such fine and compassionate women whose hearts are filled with charity. Now open yours and find a space for an animal if you can, there are too many horror stories, I like to read the ones about success!
To access Judy’s web page which is loaded with information and photos, even classes for pet owners, either type in Pet Rescue by Judy, or go to  http://info@petrescuebyjudy.com
the new address is 2620 Iroquoise Ave. Sanford Florida