2609steamycranec-1 The day started with a chill and as a result, the sandhills came in wet and were steaming, you can see the swirl of where heat meets cold like an aura around him. The lake has steam rising off it also, it was around 45degrees, but sunny and with the promise of some heating up. I did throw a line in the water in the late afternoon having not been at the lake since last Wednesday because of the cold. I caught a shiner and let it sit out on the line hoping for a bass since it has been ‘many moons’ since I have seen any bass action!

Meanwhile the ducks were circling around each other in the water, looking like synchronized swimmers. I have since discovered that Carbs the duck is a male because female muscovys have less masking on their faces than males and aren’t as big and Carbs is a big duck. dsc02250Then the cranes flew in and started in on one of their silly mating dances dsc02292 It still is a bit early for them to be nesting and the fact that they are still coming here so often means they are not building a nest yet. But it is funny to watch all the dating action as they bow and jump and propel up and forward and act like silly teenagers in love and trying to show off.  I never tire of nay of their antics! dsc02295 But the funny part that I did not get to take a photo of was the part where I was taking pictures of the cranes and my neighbor had come and we were chatting and we were looking as a hawk swooped down over us and grabbed the fish on my line and took off! I did not even have time to take the photo that hawk was so fast. My neighbor and I just stood and laughed at the nerve of that hawk! Looks like I did not catch a bass, but a bird caught me…off guard!